Letters of Eminent Men, Addressed to Ralph Thoresby: Now First Published from the Originals, 1. cilt

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H. Colburn and R. Bentley, 1832

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Sayfa 429 - Jesus, called to be saints, with all that in every place call on the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, both theirs and ours.
Sayfa 416 - That the annexing any clause or clauses to a bill of aid or supply, the matter of which is foreign to, and different from, the matter of the said bills of aid or supply, is unparliamentary, and tends to the destruction of the constitution of the government.
Sayfa 366 - All things are lawful for me, but all things are not expedient : all things are lawful for me, but all things edify not.
Sayfa 177 - The Governors of the possessions, revenues and goods of the Free Grammar School of King Edward the Sixth in Sherborne in the county of Dorset.
Sayfa 171 - Midsummer, and am not yet settled in one again (which hath made it one of the uncasiest parts of my time). And the neglect and discouragements I have met with did almost overpower, and would quickly have made me unfit for any public service, if I had given way to them; but I bless God I am got above them: and I have cast that burden upon one that will sustain it for me. "We are now treating with the Haberdashers to succeed Mr. Howe in his place, when he leaves it at Lady Day, to go to his new one...
Sayfa 194 - Burnet said of Malpighius) if he be out of town ; if he be not, I hope you will take an Opportunity of making an acquaintance with him. Our friend Mr. Gibson will bring you to him ; or, if he be gone to London, you may let him know that I advised you to apply to him, without any further ceremony than the carriage of my respects and this messuage, that I think it will be worth your while to be acquainted with one another.
Sayfa 103 - Who would not love thee, while they may Enjoy thee walking? for thy way Is pleasure and delight: let such As see thee, choose thee, prize thee much.
Sayfa 295 - Thoresby informed Gibson that 'a young gentleman in Oxford, Mr. Wanley, is laying the foundation of a Res Diplomatica for England particularly. He designs and draws admirably well; having besides an unaccountable skill in imitating any hand whatsoever. His great curiosity in books printed and manuscript has recommended him to the University to be one of their under Library Keepers; and the command he has of everything there gives him the best opportunity he could wish of carrying on this honourable...
Sayfa 168 - ... must have aroused wide-spread interest and in 1694 we find Dr. Jabez Cay, of Newcastleupon-Tyne writing to Ralph Thoresby, of Leeds,1 for particulars of the water supply there. Newcastle, 6th Nov., 1694. Dear Sir, Yesterday I received your kind letter enclosed in one from Whitehaven, I would beg a favour of you. I hear there is a man come to Leeds with a design to furnish the town with water, after a manner somewhat extraordinary; they say he forceth the water almost half a mile upon an ascent...
Sayfa 102 - It is the custom here for each regent weekly to pray morning and evening in the church within the college, and about five in the morning to perlustrate the students' chambers, who, if they find in their beds, suffer a great rebuke ; at nine also at night, they perlustrate to see that all the students be within the college, and the porter, after that time, will not suffer any to go out of the college ; the bursers also read their week about before the prayers in the church, and we do, morning and...

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