The Paston Letters: 1422-1509 A.D.

Ön Kapak
James Gairdner
E. Arber, 1872

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Sayfa cxxii - *Right trusty and well beloved, we greet you heartily well; and forasmuch as it is thought right necessary for diverse causes, that My Lord have at this time in the Parliament such persons as belong unto him, and be of his menial servants...
Sayfa cxvii - Edward ; and then he held up his hands, and thanked God thereof. And he said he never knew him till that time ; nor wist...
Sayfa 378 - The writer concluded this portion of his letter with the pithy observation that "the Quene is a grete and strong labourid woman, for she spareth noo peyne to sue hire thinges to an intent and conclusion to hir...
Sayfa 49 - I may non leyser have to do wrytyn half a quarter so meche as I xulde sey [fay] to yow yf I myth speke with yow. I xall sende yow a nothyr letter as hastely as I may. I thanke yow that ze wolde wochesaffe to remember my gyrdyl, and that ze wolde wryte to me at the tyme, for I sopose that wrytyng was non esse to yow.
Sayfa 389 - Si autem peccaverit in te frater tuus, vade et corripe eum inter te et ipsum solum; si te audierit, lucratus eris fratrem tuum.
Sayfa 346 - Also, the day afore the makyng of this letter, ther passed a bill1 both by the Kyng, Lords, and Comens, puttyng Thorp, Josep, and my Lord of Somerset in all the defaute; be the which bill all maner of actions that shuld growe to any person or persones for any offenses at that journey doon, in any maner of wise shuld be extynt and voide, affermyng all thing doon there well doon, and nothing doon there never after this tyme to be spoken of; to the which bill mony a man groged full sore nowe it is passed.
Sayfa 435 - I beseke you, gode moder, as our most synguler trost is yn your gode moderhode, that my maistr, my best beloved, fayle not of the C. marc at the begynnyng of this terme, the which ye promysed hym to his mariage, with the remanent of the money of faders...
Sayfa 124 - Norwich. worchipfull sir, I recomaunde me to yow, and am right sory of that I shalle sey, and have soo wesshe this litel bille with sorwfulle terys, that on ethes ye shalle reede it.
Sayfa 506 - ... callyng hym knaves son, that he schuld be so rude to calle hym and these other Lords traytors, for they schall be found the Kyngs treue liege men, whan he schuld be found a traytour, &c. And my Lord of Warrewyk rehetyd hym, and seyd that his fader was but a squyer, and broute up with Kyng Herry the Vte, and sethen hymself made by maryage, and also made Lord, and that it was not his parte to have swyche langage of Lords, beyng of the Kyngs blood.
Sayfa cii - The lords referred the question to the judges, who said, after deliberation, that " they ought not to answer to that question, for it hath not been used aforetime, that the judges should in any wise determine the privileges of this high court of parliament ; for it is so high and so mighty in its nature, that it may make law, and that that is law it may make no law ; and the determination and knowledge of that privilege belongeth to the lords of the parliament, and not to the justices.

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