The Poetical Works of Mark Akenside

Ön Kapak
Little, Brown, 1854 - 452 sayfa

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Sayfa 123 - Imagination's tender frame, From nerve to nerve : all naked and alive They catch the spreading rays ; till now the soul At length discloses every tuneful spring, To that harmonious movement from without Responsive. Then the inexpressive strain Diffuses its enchantment : Fancy dreams Of sacred fountains and Elysian groves, And vales of bliss...
Sayfa 122 - And wisdom's mien celestial. From the first Of days, on them his love divine he fix'd, His admiration : till in time complete, What he admir'd and lov'd, his vital smile Unfolded into being. Hence the breath Of life informing each organic frame, Hence the green earth, and wild resounding waves, Hence light and shade alternate ; warmth and cold ; And clear autumnal skies, and vernal showers, And all the fair variety of things.
Sayfa 186 - With blooming gold, and blushes like the morn. Each passing Hour sheds tribute from her wings ; And still new beauties meet his lonely walk, And loves unfelt attract him. Not a breeze Flies o'er the meadow, not a cloud imbibes The setting sun's effulgence, not a strain From all the tenants of the warbling shade Ascends, but whence his bosom can partake Fresh pleasure, unreprov'd.
Sayfa 124 - Omnipotent might send him forth In sight of mortal and immortal powers, As on a boundless theatre, to run The great career of justice ; to exalt His generous aim to all diviner deeds ; To chase each partial purpose from his breast ; And through the mists of passion and of sense, And through the tossing tide of chance and pain, To hold his course unfaltering, while the voice Of truth and virtue, up the steep ascent Of nature, calls him to his high reward, The applauding smile of heaven?
Sayfa 135 - Mind, mind alone, (bear witness, Earth and Heaven !) The living fountains in itself contains Of beauteous and sublime : here, hand in hand, Sit paramount the Graces ; here enthroned, Celestial Venus, with divinest airs, Invites the soul to never-fading joy.
Sayfa 152 - Centre of souls ! Nor does the faithful voice Of Nature cease to prompt their eager steps Aright ; nor is the care of Heaven withheld From granting to the task proportion'd aid ; seo That in their stations all may persevere To climb the ascent of being, and approach For ever nearer to the life divine.
Sayfa 125 - And continents of sand, will turn his gaze To mark the windings of a scanty rill That murmurs at his feet ? The high-born soul Disdains to rest her heaven-aspiring wing Beneath its native quarry.
Sayfa 125 - Th' applauding smile of heaven? Else wherefore burns In mortal bosoms this unquenched hope, That breathes from day to day sublimer things, And mocks possession ? wherefore darts the mind, With such resistless ardour, to embrace Majestic forms ; impatient to be free Spurning the gross control of wilful might ; Proud of the strong contention of her toils ; Proud to be daring ? Who but rather turns To heaven's broad fire his unconstrained view, Than to the glimmering of a waxen flame ? Who that, from...
Sayfa 122 - ... bias, and to each Decrees its province in the common toil. To some she taught the fabric of the sphere, The changeful Moon, the circuit of the stars, The golden zones of heaven ; to some she gave To weigh the moment of eternal things, Of time, and space, and fate's unbroken chain, And will's quick impulse; others by the hand She led o'er vales and mountains, to explore What healing virtue swells the tender veins Of herbs and flowers; or what the beams of morn Draw forth, distilling from the clifted...
Sayfa 164 - Of curst ambition ; when the pious band Of youths, who fought for freedom and their sires, Lie side by side in gore ; when ruffian pride Usurps the throne of Justice, turns the pomp...

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