Rouge Et Noir: In Six Cantos ... Versailles, and Other Poems

Ön Kapak
C. and J. Ollier, 1821 - 215 sayfa

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Sayfa 187 - Of dulcet symphonies and voices sweet, Built like a temple, where pilasters round Were set, and Doric pillars overlaid With golden architrave ; nor did there want Cornice or frieze, with bossy sculptures graven ; The roof was fretted gold. Not Babylon Nor great Alcairo such magnificence Equalled in all their glories, to inshrine Belus or Serapis their gods, or seat Their kings, when Egypt with Assyria strove In wealth and luxury.
Sayfa 19 - And round about him lay on every side Great heapes of gold, that never could be spent : Of which some were rude owre, not purifide Of Mulcibers devouring element ; Some others were new driven, and distent Into great Ingoes, and to wedges square ; Some in round plates withouten moniment ; But most were stampt, and in their metall bare The antique shapes of kings and kesars straunge and rare.
Sayfa 77 - O ! wonder ! How many goodly creatures are there here ! How beauteous mankind is ! O brave new world, That has such people in't ! Pro.
Sayfa 113 - A few rude boards are now her beauty's bed ; Her still and roseless cheek has now no veil But one long, dripping lock across it shed ; Yet her wide eye looks living. Oh ! .the tale Told there — of reason that began to fail, Of wild remorse, of the last agony, When wandering, desperate, in the midnight gale, She flung to sightless heaven her parting cry, Then in the dark wave plunged, to struggle and to die.
Sayfa 113 - And cold beneath them lies the lost — the suicide! " ' A few rude boards are now her beauty's bed ; Her still and roseless face has now no veil, But one long dripping lock across it shed ; Yet her wide eye looks living. O, the...
Sayfa 179 - Burns yon fixed star, whose intermitting rays, Like woman's changeful eye, now shun our gaze. And now break forth in all the life of light ! Far fount of beams ! thou scarce art to the sight, In size, a spangle on the Tyrian stole Of Majesty, mid hosts more mildly bright, Although of worlds the centre and the soul ! Sure...
Sayfa 180 - Or malice, keener than the assassin's knife, Stab in the dark ? or hollow friendship, worse. Skilled round the heart with viper coil to wind, Forsake, and leave his sleepless sting behind? No! if I deemed it, I should cease to look Beyond the scene where thousands know such ills ; Nor longer read that brightly-lettered book, Which heaven unfolds, whose page of beauty fills The breast with hope of an immortal lot, When tears are dried, and injuries forgot. Oh, then the soul, no longer earthward weighed,...
Sayfa 37 - But STULTZ sometimes exports a dandy over — Or. in more modern phrase, an exquisite, (Being delicate they always cross by Dover) To show us exiles how a coat should fit. Now don't mistake, or think I mean to cover This cast with ridicule — O, far from it ! I'm told they're lady-like and harmless creatures, With something of hermaphroditish features.
Sayfa 132 - Long years — but though your bloom be gone, The fragrance which your freshness shed, Survives, when memory lingers on, When all that blessed its birth have fled. Those hues and hopes will pass away ; — Thus youth, and bloom, and bliss, depart ; Oh what is left when these decay ! — The faded leaf, the withered heart ! London Magazine.
Sayfa 180 - O'er planets in their midnight solitude, Doomed all the day in ocean's caves to hide. Thou burning axle of a mighty wheel ! Dost thou afflict the beings of thy ray With feelings such as we on earth must feel — Pride, passion, envy, hatred, agony?

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