An Attempt to Make Risale-i Nur the Property of Humanity:: Explanatory Works (Visual/Interactive Book)

Ön Kapak
Ediz Sözüer, 14 Nis 2019 - 158 sayfa

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An Attempt to Make Risale-i Nur the Property of Humanity: Explanatory Works

Visual/Interactive Book

Intellectual infrastructure of Journeys of Discovery Risale-i Nur (Treatise of Light)Training Program, scientific approach and educational philosophy

We are inviting you to read this spectacular book where impressive research and analysis are made over "Risale-i Nur Explanatory Works", which outlines the intellectual framework upon which these explanatory works are based and which is written to introduce you the multi-dimensional services made in this area.

The main objective of "Risale-i Nur Exploratory Works" activities is the following:

"To Spread (the knowledge of) Risale-i Nur, which presents Islam in most rational way appropriate with the understanding of the Epoch, to all sections of the Society and to introduce works that can be understood by people from all levels of education, in a manner, which is enjoyable, easy and effective and to present comprehensively the Quranic truths in the books of Risale-i Nur to academicians and intellectual section of the society in an modern format."

In our book, where we provide serious answers to very important questions that we enumerate below, detailed studies are made about what can be done in order to make Risale-i Nur and the Quranic truths contained in it the property of the humanity; solutions are proposed; and concrete works which have been realized are presented.

The main titles of these works are as follows:  Risale-i Nur Explanatory Text Books, Visually Supported and Descriptive Risale-i Nur Training Program and Visual/Interactive Books, Journeys of Discovery Video Channel, Academic Education Activities.

Below are some of the questions we ask and issues we discuss:

*Is there a need to explain Qur'an? Isn't Qur'an a self-sufficient book?

* Well, why do we need to explain Risale-i Nur? What kind of benefits could this give?

* As a Muslim, how restrained should our perspective be about Islamic books and scholars such as the Risale-i Nur, that explain and interpret the Qur’an?

* How and in what ways can we become part of a knowledge/science production culture that is free in thinking, based on intelligence/mind, which we should indeed have within the context of an Islamic experience of 1400 years?

* On what kind of understanding could Qur'an Civilization be constructed?

* How can the science philosophy of the Islamic civilization be rendered operational again?

* How could it be possible to evaluate, with an appropriate approach, a Risale-i Nur Student writing a text (about Risale-i Nur)?

* On what ground could the foundation of devout understanding be laid? How can we love an imaginary Bediuzzaman?

* What should be the attitude of a student of Qur'an and Risale-i Nur towards "generation of Islamic knowledge/science"?

* What are the advantageous and more productive aspects of written explanatory texts compared to verbal expressions/narrations?

* How could it be possible to really understand a scientific piece of work with high value and to make it the property of humankind?

* Is it acceptable to oppose anything new in the name of novelty/innovation?

We strongly suggest and present our work especially to regular readers of Risale-i Nur.

Subject Index

Review Essays

* Journeys of Discovery Risale-i Nur (Treatise of Light) Training Program, Based on Academic Work and Supported by Visuals

* Declaration on Copyright All Kinds of Free Usage, the Right to Print and Publish

* Declaration, Presentation and Promotion of Risale-i Nur and Making Sure that It is Read

* Why and How of Risale-i Nur Explanatory Works

* A Realistic and Alternative Model in Risale-i Nur Works, That Meets the Needs

*An Attempt to Make Risale-i Nur the Property of Humanity: Explanatory Works

* Our Responsibilities in the Service of Risale-i Nur

* Quran, Risale-i Nur and the Place of the Explanation of Risale-i Nur From the Perspective of Religious Sciences

* How shall the dream of Medresetüzzehra be realized?

* How Could It Be Possible To Teach Risale-i Nur As A Textbook?

* Applied Model of Medresetüzzehra

* Analysis of Methods for Introduction of Risale-i Nur and Its Integration into Education System

*The Analysis of Religion Lesson’s Text Book Which is Based on Risale-i Nur

*Could Loyalty to Islam and to the Science Ever Be Considered As Betrayal to Risale-i Nur?

*For A Positive Transformation in Education, Which Method Is Realistic and of Top Priority?

* A Style of Explanatory Lecturing For Risale-i Nur, Which is Not Either Exaggerated nor Understated

* Risale-i Nur, Civilization of Islam/Quran and Philosophy of Science

* How will the Civilization of Islam/Quran be built? What does the Dream of Medresetüzzehra Express?

* An Excuse and Explanation and an Important Informing

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Short Biography

Ediz SÖZÜER was born in Ankara in 1974. He works as Revenue Specialist at Revenue Administration.

“A Journey of Discovery for an Extraordinary Treasure:  Risale-i Nur (The Treatise of Light) Training Program” is the work of the author which is a book published for free on the internet as  a basic resource upon which all other work of the author is based.

His journey, which started with writing explanatory notes on Risale-i Nur and with his articles on Risalehaber (Risalenews) website, continued with seminars on “New Perspectives from the Treatise of Nature” which are based on academic work and supported by visuals.

He has always considered this work as a project that is able to bring the Quranic Truths in the Works of Risale-i Nur, a Nonmaterial Treasure of Knowledge, to the use by Humanity and to make a significant contribution to the mental transformation that we need as a society.

In order to bring the completed book to large masses, he started to present “The Journeys of Discovery:  Risale-i Nur (The Treatise of Light) Training Program” once every two weeks as a continuous program, in the form of a visual book which is based on the printed book“.

In addition to that, he has made, as part of his academic educational activities, several presentations on “Educational Approach of Medresetüzzehra” and “Explanatory Work for Risale-i Nur (Treatise of Light).

His wish from those who are aware of these works and his words to those who set their heart on Risale-i Nur are as following:

“Please do not attach the importance to my worthless and unimportant personality but rather to the truths that came to the light splendidly as a blessing from Allah and look after them. This is all that I ask from you.

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