Jumpin' Jehovah: Exposing the Atrocities of the Old Testament God

Ön Kapak
Book Tree, 2007 - 104 sayfa
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Is the God of the Old Testament the true God that we should be worshipping? With this book, your views on God will never be the same. With clear Biblical evidence, Jehovah is shown to be an entity with virtually no sense of ethics, forgiveness, or compassion. In this book the following questions are seriously addressed: .Was Jehovah a god, or a demon? . Why did he never promise a heaven or any kind of reward to his followers? . Does any entity that murders thousands of devoted followers deserve to be worshipped? We have come a long way since the ancient barbaric tribes of the Middle East worshipped their various gods, including Jehovah. Tice puts forth the idea, long overdue, that mankind should be allowed to advance spiritually and religiously to keep pace with our modern intellectual maturity. We have walked on the moon, cracked the genetic code, and our knowledge grows exponentially. We are no longer an ancient, isolated tribe of nomads, but a thriving modern culture that deserves a more practical and loving God. This loving God does exist, so it is time to take the leap. Jehovah has stopped punishing people in terrible ways, so it is probably safe to buy this book.


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