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Assistance of Parent Committee should be solicited.

recommended in the second paragraph of this division of the section. In some cases, this address has been printed and circulated previous to the general meeting; and in others it has been altogether dispensed with : the advantages, however, which have attended the plan in numerous instances justify its recommendation.

VI. When those preliminary measures are sufficiently matured, which will generally be the case in three or four weeks, the president, or in his absence another individual of distinction and influence, selected as chairman, should be consulted on the most convenient day for the general meeting, of which the Parent Committee should be informed, and the assistance of the secretaries be requested. In the mean time, Sub-Committee of two or three gentlemen may be appointed, to engage a suitable place for the meeting, and to see that it is properly prepared; and the provisional secretary may draw up the order of proceeding, and transcribe the several Resolutions, leaving blanks for the respective movers and seconders.

VII. The time and place being definitively fixed, the next business is to give every publicity to the intended meeting, by means of placards, hand-bills, and advertisements;—to invite the neighbouring clergymen, ministers, and other respectable and eligible persons, to take part in the proceedings ;-and to appoint different Sub-Committees, of three or four members each, to receive the visitors and accommodate the audience, enter the names of subscribers in books to be provided for the purpose by the secretaries, and attend with plates to receive contributions at the close of the meeting. The several blanks in the rules recommended for adoption should then be filled, and the Provisional Committee be adjourned to the morning of the day appointed for the General Meeting

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The following is the form of the Books, or Papers, used for the

purpose of entering Subscribers' Names, to be subsequently handed to the Secretaries, with the amount collected.

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The following Order of Proceedings will be found suitable at Meetings convened for the Establishment of Auxiliary Bible Societies :

ORDER OF PROCEEDINGS at the General Meeting.

A.B. moves, and C. D. seconds, that E. F. be requested to take the chair. 1. The Chairmun. will open the business of the meeting, by stating

the object for which it is called together; and conclude by referring to the address of the Provisional Committee.

9. G. H. (one of the

gentlemen to be will read the address of the Provisional Committee. proposed as secretaries)

3. J.K. (one of the se

cretaries or agents of the Parent Society, is present ; if not, a gentleman acquainted with the subject)

will address the meeting, on the nature, tendency, and effects of the Bible Society.

4. L. M.


will move the Resolution No. 1

“ That the object and constitution of the British and Foreign Bible Society have the cordial approbation of this meeting ; and that a society be now formed for the purpose of co-operating with that institution; of which the following shall be the Rules and Regulations.”—[See Section II. of this Chapter : the Sixteenth Rule should be omitled, as it contains the objects of subsequent and specific motions.]

5. N. O.

will second the Motion No. 1.

6. P...

The Chairman having put the question, will move the Resolution No. 2

“ That this meeting gratefully acknowledges the liberal manner in which the presidency of this society has been accepted by E. F., and that he be hereby elected President accordingly.”

7. R. S.

will second the Motion No. 2.

8. The Chairman

9. T. U.mumam

The mover having put the question,
will acknowledge the Resolution.
will move the Resolution No. 3—

“That this meeting acknowledges with gratitude the manner in which the following respected individuals have accepted the office of Vice-Presidents; and that they be hereby elected Vice-Presidents accordingly.”

(Here insert the names of those gentlemen who have accepted the office.]

* If no address be prepared, the Chairman generally refers to one of the secretaries or agents of the Parent Society, who is immediately followed by the Movers of the Resolution No. 1.

Order of Proceedings at the General Meeting.

10. V.W.

will second the Motion No. 3.

The Chairman having put the question, 11. X. Y. (one of the will acknowledge the Resolution on behalf of himself

Vice-Presidents) and colleagues

12. Z. A. mm

will move the Resolution No. 4–

“ That B. C. be Treasurer, and D. E., F.G., and H. 1. Joint-Secretaries of this institution, and that the following gentlemen be members of the Committee, with power to fill up any vacancies in their number, viz.”

[Here insert the names of the gentlemen composing the Committee.]

13. K. L. mumuno

will second the Motion No. 4.

14. M. N.

The Chairman having put the question, will move the Resolution No. 5

“ That this meeting acknowledges, with cordial satisfaction, the judicious zeal and activity mani. fested by the Provisional Committee, in arranging the important business of this day.”

15. 0. P. mamman

will second the Motion No. 5.

16. 2. R.

The Chairman having put the question, will move the Resolution No. 6

“That while this meeting acknowledges the obli. gation under which it is placed by the valuable services of the Secretaries of the Parent Society, it gladly embraces the opportunity thus afforded to congratulate the Committee of that institution on the astonishing success with which Divine Provi. dence has blessed their exertions, and the uninterrupted harmony and union which have charac. terized all their proceedings."

17. S. Tocmaman

will second the Motion No. 6.

18. U. V.

The Chairman having put the question, will move the Resolution No.7

“ That the cordial and respectful thanks of this meeting be presented to E. F. for his attention to the business of this day, and for his conduct in the chair."

19. W. X.

will second the Motion No. 7.

20. The Chairmana

The mover having put the question, will acknowledge the Resolution; refer to the gentlemen who are placed at the doors to receive con. tributions and to enter the names of subscribers ; and adjourn the meeting to the day specified in the Fourteenth Rule.

Organization of Committee.-Resolutions of First Committee Meeting.

4. The mode of establishing the society having been detailed, it is necessary to describe that internal organization of the Committee without which no extensive or permanent success can be anticipated. It has been already intimated that the Committee should meet on an early day; and it will be found advantageous if the members can be convened on the day immediately succeeding the General Meeting, and the secretaries or agents of the Parent Society be invited to attend. The secretaries should send timely notice to every member, and make the necessary preparations, by engaging a suitable room and adopting such other measures as may facilitate the proceedings.

5. The following Resolutions will be found to embrace all the business usually transacted at the First Meeting of the Committee :--they should be entered in the Rough Minute Book, in the order of their adoption, by one of the secretaries. At the First Meeting of the Committee, held the of



A. B. in the Chair,
C. D., E. F., and G. H., Visitors,
And the following Members of the Committee :

(Here insert the names of those present :] The Chairman having read the Resolutions of the General Meeting, held instant, it was RESOLVED

1. That the following Code of By-Laws be adopted for the government of this Committee; and that the secretaries be authorised to get 100 copies printed, and to send one to each officer and member of the Committee; viz.

(Here insert the By-Laws recommended in Section III. of this Chapler, of such modification of them as may be adopted.] 2. That the duties of the secretaries be thus defined

D. E. to be Minute Secretary :
F. G. to be Cash Secretary: and

H. J. to be Bible Secretary:* and that they be authorised to procure the requisite account-books, Committee notices, forms of reports, and other papers, for the use of the society.

-3. That the sphere of this society be divided into the following districts ; viz.

[Here specify distinctly, in numerical order, the several districts, as recommended in Observation x. Section III. of this Chapter.]

4. That the following be the respective District Committees; viz.

District, No. 1.-A. B., C. D., and E. F.--and that A. B. be District Secretary

(Here specify the other District Commillees in the same manner, and nominate a secretary of each, as recommended in Observation X. Section III.)

• For a more full explanation of these duties, respectively, see Observation ix. Section III. of this Chapter.

Resolution's adopted at the First Committee Meeting.

5. That the several District Committees be requested to commence an immediate canvas of their respective districts, for the purpose of soliciting subscriptions and donations from the inhabitants: and that the Minute Secretary furnish the secretary of each district with a book properly ruled for entering subscribers' names,* and the requisite number of the address and printed papers explanatory of the design, for circulation.

6. That the several District Committtees, while engaged in fulfilling the immediate object of their appointment, endeavour to ascertain the most favourable situations for the establishment of Branch Societies and Bible Associations, and include the result in their Monthly Reports.

7. That the Minute Secretary be authorised to get 500 copies of the Rules and Regulations printed, with the names of the Officers and Committee annexed, and send twenty copies to the Secretary of each District Committee for distribution, and a copy signed by the President to the Committee of the Parent Society.

The Cash Secretary having reported that the amount collected at the General Meeting was,

In Donations

Annual Subscriptions
Contributions in the Plates


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8. That the said sum of £.-:-:- - be paid over to the Treasurer.

9. That the Treasurer be requested to remit to the Treasurer of the British and Foreign Bible Society the sum of £.- :

-:-: on Moiety Account, t and request that the acknowledgment of all remittances may be addressed to the Cash Secretary, and that the orders of the Bible Secre. tary may be duly recognised.

[The Names und Address of the respective Secretaries should be communicated to the Assistant Secretary and Depositary of the Parent Society.]

10. That B.A., D.C., and F. E. be a Sub-Committee to examine and report to the next meeting the most suitable place for establishing a depo-, sitory, and also the name of an eligible person to act as Collector. B. A. to be Secretary to this Sub-Committee.

1. That the Bible Secretary be authorised to procure a stamp, for the purpose of marking the Bibles and Testaments issued with the designation of this society.

12. That the Minute Secretary apply to the Depositary of the Parent Society for a regular supply of 200 copies of the “ Monthly Extracts of Correspondence ;” and that they be delivered, at the close of every committee meeting, to the District Committees, for distribution.

13. That H. G., K. I., and M. L. be appointed Auditors for the present year. 14. That this Committee do adjourn to the - of

o'clock precisely. (Here insert the day and hour, according to the First By-Law.]


These books should be of octavo size, and ruled according to the form recommended in page 162.

† For an explanation of this account, see Chap. I. Section VI.

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