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Midhurst, William Brunker. Henry Bethell.

bis Estate not purWill. Willoughby,


Scarbrough, chased of, or belongJohn Steward. Edward Bainton, William Thoinpson,

ing to, the Public. Lewes,

William Ducket. L. Robinson, June 21, Thomas Lascelles. John Staple,


1660, Mr. Robinson Nisel Rivers. William Lewis,

was discharged byan CINQUE PORTS. Shorehum, Robert Aldworth, Order of the House

Hastings, Herbert Springet, John Norden.

from sitting, and a Edward Blaker. Chippenham,

Denny Ashburnham, Writ ordered to be

Nicholas Delves. Bramber, Edw. Hungerford, issued to elect anoJohn Byne, Edw. Poole.

ther in his room; Edward Eversfield, Malmsbury,

but the Journals do Sir Nor. Knatchbull, Stoyning, Robert Danvers,

not give us the Rea- John Knatchbull, H. Goring, made his Sir Fran. Hen. Lee. son for this Expul- Hythe, Election for Sussex,


P. Id. visc. Strangford,
John Fagg.
Hungerford Dunch, John Legard.

Phineas Andrews. East-Grinstead, Nevil Maskeline,


Dorer, Marmaduke Greshan, Brwin, Henry Arthington, Edward Montagu, George Courthop. Robert Spencer,

Edmund Jennings,

Arnold Braimes.
Arundel, Thomas Gape,

John Lambert.

Sandwich, Roger lord Broghill, Sir Walter St. John,


Henry Oxenden, Henry visc. Falkland, Sir Ralph Varney. James D'Arcy,

James Thurbarne. made lis Election Ludgershall, Sir Christ. Wyvell. for Oxford City.

William Prynne, made


Sir Thomas Dike, Warwickshire, his Election for Bath, Col. Hugh Bethell,

George Parker. George Brown, William Thomas, J. Clobery, made his

Rye, Thomas Archer. Sir John Erelin.

Election for Laun

Herbert Morley,

Old Sarum,
Jolin Beake,
Seymour Bowman, Boroughbridge,

William Hay.
Richard Hopkins,

John Norden, Conyers D'Arcy,
Declared void.
Algernon Cecil.
Henry Stapylton.

Wm. Howard, second
Wooton Basset,


son of Edward lord Clem. Throckmorton, John Pleydell,

Barring Bourchier, Howard, of Escrick, jun.

llenry lord Herbert, Wm. Stanley, made his Samuel Gott. Jobo Rous.

made his Election for Election for LiverWestmorcland, Monmouthshire.


pool. Sir John Lowther, Marlborough, Thomas Harrison.

Anglesey, Sir Thomas Wharton. Henry Hungerford, Aldborough, Rt. lord visc. Bulkley. Appulby, Jeffrey Daniel,

Solomon Swale,

Beaumaris, Sir Henry Cholmley, Worcestershire, Francis Goodrick.

Griffith Bodurda.
Christ. Clapham. Henry Bromley,


John Talbot,

Sir John Hotham,
Sir A. Ashley Cooper, IVorcester,

Col. II. Bethell, niade Sir Wm. Lewis. John Earnely. Thomas Street,

his Election for Hey

Brecon T.
Thomas Hall.


Sir Henry Williams. Henry Eyre,


Edward Tooker.

Samuel Sandys, Sir George Savile, John Vaughan.
Wilton, Thomas Coventry. William Lowther,

Cardigan T.
John Swanton,
Evesham, John Hewly,

Wm. Griffiths.
W. Ilughes, his elec- Sir Thomas Rous, Lionel Copley.

Carmarthen, tion declared void. John Egiocke.

Malton, Jolin Lloyd.
Francis Swinton,
Bewdley, Philip Howard,

Carmarthen T.
Rd, Grobham Howe. Thomas Foley. Thomas Heblethwaył. Arthur Annesley,

Gyles Eyre, jun. Thomas lord Fairfax, Francis Lascelles, ex- John Glynn.
John Elliot.
John Dawnay.

pelled the House Carnarvon T. Thomas Fitz-James,


June 9, rendered Wm, Glynn.
William Coles.

Sir Tho. Widdrington, incapable of bearing Denbigh,

one of the Lords any Office of public Sir Tho. Middleton. Sir Tho, Thyn,

Commissioners of Trust; and it was re- Denbigh T Geo. Grobham Howe, the Great Scal, solved that he should Sir John Carter. Edmund Ludlow. Metcalf Robinson. not be within that

Flint, Heytesbury, Kingston on Hull, Clause of Exception Sir T. Hanner. Thomas Moore, John Ramsden,

in the "Act of gene

Flint T.
John Jolliffe.
Andrew Marvel.

ral Pardon, as to Roger Whitley.

any Fine or Forfei- Glamorgan, Richard Lewes, William Stockdale, ture of any Part of Sir Edward Mansel.


Pembroke T. That the said Henry Scobell shall, upon sight Bassey Mansel. Sir Hugh Owen, de hereof, torthwith deliver unto John Brown),

Merioneth, clared void. New esq. clerk of the parliament, or his assigns, the Edmund Merrick. writ ordered to be possession of a certain stone building, standing Montgomery,

issued June 29. within the said dwelling house, commonly Jobo Pursell.

Haverford-West, called the Tower, wherein the Records were

Wm. Phillips. Montgomery T.

usually kept, and the keys and other things

Radnor, Thomas Middleton.

belonging to the same : as also the Acts, OrGeorge Gwin, dinances, Journals, Records, Writings, and Pembroke,

Radnor T. Papers appertaining, or any wise belonging to Arthur Owen. Robert Harley. the said office. And lasily, That the said

Henry Scobell shall deliver the quiet possesProceedings of the House of Lords.) April 25. sion of the said dwelling-house, with the apThis day the house of lords met. As we have purtenances, unto the said John Brown, or his been long strangers to them, we think it proper assigns, within 14 days next after the date of to give their first five days proceedings, as they this Order, and bereunto obedience is required are entered on the Journals. The lords pre- accordingly." sent were, the earl of Manchester, appointed The earl of Northumberland, lord visc. Say to be Speaker pro tempore, the earls of North- and Sele, with the lords Wharton and Hunsumberland, Lincoln, Suffolk, and Denbigh, don, were appointed to consider of such lords viscount Say and Sele, lords Wharton, Huns- as shall have Letters written to them, to dedon, Grey de Werk, aut.Maynard.

sire their attendance on this house. To meet Ordered, That Monday next be appointed presently in the Prince's Lodgings.-The lord to be kept, by this bouse, as a day of Fasting Wharton reported the Names of those lords, and Humiliation, for seeking a Blessing from and likewise a Draught of the Letter, which God by prayer, upon the Meeting of both were read and agreed to, viz. “My lord; I am Houses of Parliament, in order to a Settlement commanded by the house of peers, hereby to of this Nation; and the place to be the Abbey signify their pleasures, that you do repair to Church in Westoninster for the Peers, wherein attend the house with what convenient speed the house of commons are to be desired to do you can: and so rest, Your, &c. Manchester, the like for their house. A message was sent Speaker pro tempore.” to the commons, to let them know that the The earls of Northumberland, Suffolk, and lords have appointed to keep Monday next as Manchester, viscount Say and Sele, and the a Fast-Day, for seeking of God for a Blessing lords Hunsdon, Grey de Werk, and Maynard, upon the meeting of both houses, in order in a were appointed by the house to go to the lords Settlement of tbis nation, and to desire their general Monk, to deliver this Message to him, concurrence for the same day to be kept as'a. from the lords in parliament, and the earl of Fast by their house.

Manchester, Speaker, was to speak it, viz. The earls of Northumberland and Lincoln, “ The peers in parliament assembled, have the Jords Wharton, Hunsdon, and Grey de commanded me to own your lordship’s valour Werk, were appointed to consider of the and prudence in managing the great affairs in Draught of an Order for Henry Scobell, esq. trusted to you; and they likewise return your to deliver all Acts, Records, and Journal- lordship their acknowledgements for the care Books, and all Papers and Writings whatso- and respects which you have expressed to the ever, that are in his custody, belonging to the peers, in restoring them to their antient and Peers, to John Brown, esq. clerk of the parlia- undoubted rights. And they hope that God ment, and likewise the Stone Tower and dwel- will still bless you in the use of all means for ling-house belonging thereunto, and report the the procuring a safe and well-grounded peace, same to this house. Their lordships to meet according to the antient fundamental governpresently.

ment of this nation, wherein they shall employ Resolved, That George Monk, esq. is roo their councils and utmost endeavours in conminated and appointed, by this house, to be currence with you." Captain-General of all Land Forces in Eng- April 25, p. m. Ordered, That Dr. Reyland, Scotland, and Ireland, and the concur- nolds and Mr. Hardy are appointed to preach : rence of the commons be desired therein. before the lords on the Fast-Day; and that

The earl of Lincoln reported from the com- the house be called to-morrow, mittee, the Order concerning the Records of April 26. The messengers sent yesterday this house, which was read and approved of, to the house of commons return with the Anand ordered to be signed by the Speaker of swer, That they concur with this house in this house, viz.

keeping Monday next a Fast-Day. « Whereas Henry Scobell, esq. is now in Ordered, That the antient Order of this the possession of the dwelling-honse in the Old house be revived for the Lords to pay coming Palace Yard, at Westminster, belonging to the after Prayers, viz. every earl 2s, and every baclerk of the parliament, who attends as clerk ron 18. to the house of peers, and hath in his custody The earls of Northumberland, Lincoln, Dor. the Acts, Journals, and other Records of that set, &c. were ordered to prepare an Ordinanco house : it is ordered by the lords in parliament, in pursuance of the Vote made yesterday by this house, concerning the lord-general Monk, and to send to the house of commons for their Their lordships, or any four of them, to meet concurrence. to-morrow morning at 8 of the clock, and Mr. Lords Committees appointed to consider of Rich and Mr. Eltonhead to be assistants. the Privileges of this house, viz. Earls of Oxon,

The Roll of the standing Orders of this house Northumberland, Derby, &c. Their lordships, was read.

or any 9 of them, to meet in the Prince's LodgThe earl of Manchester reported, that his ings when they plcase, and to adjourn from lordship and the rest of the lords committees time to time, as they shall see cause.-Orderdelivered to general Monk what this house had ed, That it is referred to the Lords Committees directed yesterday; and the general expressed for Privileges to consider of the different cases kimself to tbis effect : “ That he took it for a of those lords that have late come to sit in this great honour and civility from the house of house, and those that do not; and also what peers; and said he would be ready to carry assistants that formerly sat in this house, and on all things that tend to the Safety and Set- are now alive and capable of being aduitted, tlement of this nation; and desired that their to be assistants to this house. lordships would be pleased to look forward and Ordered, That a conference be had with the not backward, io transacting of affairs." house of commons, to consider of some way

A Message was brought froin the commons and means to be found out to make up the by James Herbert, esq. who said, “ He was Breaches and Distractions of this kingdom, commanded by the knights, citizens, and bur- This conference to be on Tuesday next in the gesses of the house of commons in parliament Painted Chainber: and the earls of Oxon, assembled, to acquaint this house, that they Northumberland, Bedford, &c. were appointed have resolved that this day fortoight be set to consider and draw up Heads for this conapart for a Day of Thanksgiving to the Lord, ference.- A Message was sent to the comfor raising up his excellency the Lord-General, mons by Mr. Rich and Mr. Eltonhead, to deand other eminent persons who have been in- sire a conference on Tuesday next, at ten of struinental in the delivery of this nation from the clock, in the Painted-Chamber, in order to thraldon. Also they have resolved, That this the Settlement of the great Affairs of this day fortnight be the day set apart for a Day of kingdom. Thanksgiving for that house, and within the ci- April 30. Ordered, That the Lords of this ties of London and Westminster, and the late house do receive Sacrament in the Abhey lines of communication; and this day month Church of Westminster; and, as concerning for the whole nation. To all which the house of the time, it is referred to the coinınittee of pricoinmons desire their lordships concurrence."- vileges to consider of it, and report the same The Answer returned to this Message was, That to this house. the Lords do, with thankful hearts, acknow- The lords, before they went to the Fast Serledge God's great mercy in delivering them mons, made a Collection for the Poor, which out of their long thraldom, confusion, and mi- was to be distributed as the house should theresery, and do fully concur with you in setting after appoint. Then the Lords went from this apart those public Days of Thanksgiving. house together, in their order, to keep the Fast

April 27. Ordered, That Mr. Hodges is in the Abbey Church. appointed to preach before the Lords, the Proceedings of the House of Commons.] next Day of Thanksgiving, in the Abbey- April 25. The Journals of the house of comChurcb.

mons begin with acquainting us, That on this Signification being given to the house, that day the members of that house first went to divers Lords were in the lobby, ready to at- Margaret's Church, Westminster, to hear a tend the service of this house, baving never sat | Sermon, and then repaired to their own house; in parliament since the death of their ances- where, on a motion made by Mr. Pierepaint, tors, the house gave the gentleman usher au- sir Harbottle Griinston vas chosen Speaker, thority to call them in to sit in their places in and placed in the chair by the lord-general this house. The names of the aforesaid lords were, the earls of Oxon, Derby, 'and Strafford, * “ Sir Harbottle Grimston had been a® lord viscount Conway, and the lords Crom- member of the Long Parliament, and continued, well, Gerrard, Tenham, and Capell.

rather than concurred, with them till after the Ordered, That the Speaker of this house do Treaty of the Isle of Wight; where he was one write several and respective Letters to the of the Commissioners sent to treat with that earls of Leicester, Bedford, and Clare, and king, and behaved himself so well, that bis lord Paget, to give their altendance on this majesty was well satisfied with him; and after

his return from thence, he pressed the King's The earls of Oxon, Northumberland, Rut- Concessions; and was thereupon in the numland, &c. were ordered to frame an Ordinance ber of those who were by force excluded the for the constituting of a Committee of Safety house. His election to be Speaker at this time of both houses, and to report the same to this was contrived by those who meant well to the house.

King; and he submitted to it out of a hope Resolved, That the earl of Manchester is and confidence that the desigus it was laid hereby nominated and appointed one of the for would succeed." Lord Clarendon, vol. vi. Commissioners of the Great Seal of England, p. 755.

bouse as peers.

Monk," Mr. Hollis, and the said Mr. Piere-, heretofore been set up for persons meriting point. Next Wm. Jessop, esq. James North much of their country; but his lordship bath a folk, esq. and Ralph Darnall

, esq. were chosen statue set up bigher, and in another place, as clerk, serjeant at arms, and clerk assistanı. high as may be, in the hearts of all well-wishers

The Clerk of the Crown attended with a to the good of this nation, and a crown of Book, containing an account of the members glory, he doubts not, laid up for him in heaven : chosen to serve in this present parliament, by that God hath made him instrumental, by his which the house was called over; and those helping hand, to keep the nation from sinking, members who were present did, upon their when no way was represented to our uniternaming, withdraw into the committee cham- standing, whence deliverance should arise ; so bers and gallery above. Afterwards, when the that God's raising him up, accompanying, blessBook was gone through, they returned and ing, and assisting him in his counsels, in such took their places in the house.

sort as to accomplish bis work to that height, On a Message from the lords, the house cannot be otherwise owned by those that look agreed to hold a Fast on Monday the 30th ; upon him, and his actions, than as a miracle : and that Mr. Calamy, Dr. Gauden, and Mr. and therefore, in the name of the house, he Baxter, be desired to assist in carrying on the returns to his lordship the hearty Thanks of work of Fasting and Humiliation, on that day, this house ; adding, he was sure his lordship at Margaret's Church, Westminster, in order would believe it if he had not said so." to seek the Lord for a blessing on these dis- Then it was resolved, That col. Ingoldsby tracted nations.

should have the Thaoks of the house, for his A large Committee for Privileges and Elee- former and late great and eminent services tions was appointed, with full powers for that done for this nation, which the Speaker accordpurpose.--A Day of Thanksgiving to the Lord ingly gave him to the effect following : “ That was appointed, for raising up

his excellency the he is commanded by the house to take notice Lord General, and other eminent persons, who of his former services, and of his late action, bave been instrumental in the delivery of this wherein God hath made him instrumental to Dation from thraldom and misery. May the do so great and eminent a service to the na10th to be the day, and that the lords concur- tion, for which he returns him their hearty rence be desired herein. Ordered also, Tbat Thanks; having made him as high in favour as Mr. Price, the Lord-General's Chaplain, be he is in his own merit, for adventuring himself desired to carry on the Work of Thanks- so far in the public eause; and that the house's giving, before this house, at Margaret's Church, good acceptance thereof is the more valuable, Westminster ; and that Dr. Clargis do give being taken notice of on the same day with the him notice thereof.

great services performed for the nation by his Solemn l'hanks given to General Munk.) Re- excellency the Lord-General.” solved, That his excelleney the Lord-General April 27. Ordered, That the great business, Monk have the Recognition, Acknowledgment, touching the Settlement of these Nations, be and hearty Thanks of this house, for his emi- taken into consideration on Tuesday the 1st of nent and unparalleled services done to these May, at 8 o'clock; to which day the house adnatioas. Accordingly, the Speaker gave the jouined itself, reserving power to all CommitThanks of the house to the Lord General, tees to sit and act in the mean time, notwithstanding in his place, to the effect following: standing this adjournment. “ That he was commanded by this house to During this slıort interval of the Commons, take notice of his eminent services, his wisdom for the Lords did not adjourn at all, there bapbeing such, and God having so blessed him in pened an affair, which Dr. Price has given us, his great affairs, that he hath made a conquest and is a piece of secret history very necessary of those who are enemies and disaffected to to be known previous to their next meeting. the government, happiness, and welfare of this This author tells us, “ That, in this short rechurch and state, without a bloody nose: Thatcess, the General and sir John Grenville conthis hath much advanced the honour of bis sulted together about the delivery of his Mcsservices, having been effected without the ex- sage, Letters, &c. from bis majesty to both pence of blood or treasure, of both which the houses. That which was superscribed to the nation had been so much exhausted, that no- General, to be by him cominunicated to the thing but a necessity could rationally have Army and Council of State, was, by his appointsatished any man to draw out more : that his ment, delivered to hiin at the door of the lordship bath been our physician, and hath Council-Chamber, where Grenville attended, cured us with his lenitives : 'that statues have and into which, as col. Birch, one of the Meme

bers of it, was entering, Grenville requested • “. The general was elected a member, him (but unknown) that he might speak with unanimously, by the university of Cainbridge; my Lord-General ; who, upon Birch's intimawhich honour, Dr. Gamble says, he ever re- tion, came to the door, and there, in the siglit membered with thankfulness. But being at of his guards attending, received Grenville's the same time returned one of the knights of Letters, but not with inuch regard either to the sbire for the county of Devon, he chose to his person or his business ; of which the Gerepresent the latter as his native country." neral seemed to understand somewhat by the Di. Gumble's Life of General Monk, p. 288. seal, and asked him if he would stay there till he had his Answer, otherwise his guards should and for the honour of your king, as for yoursecure lim, commanding them to look to him. selves, and then you cannot but discharge your So his excellency produceth his Letters to the trust with good success, and provide for and Council of State, Grenville is sent for in, and establish the peace, happiness, and honour of Birch protested that he neither knew the gen- king, lords, and commons, upon that foundatleman por his business. The lord-presidenttion which can only support it, and we shall be of the council examined Grenville from whence all happy in each other: and as the whole those Letters came, whose they were, and bow kingdom will bless God for you ali, so we shall he came by them, (for as yet they were not hold ourself obliged, in an especial manner, tu opeved) he told the president that the King, thank you in particular, according to the affechis master, gave bim them with his own bands tion you shall express towards us. We need at Breda: so the opening of them was deferred the less enlarge to you upon this subject, betill the Parliament sat. Grenville was to have cause we have likewise writ to the house of been sent into custody, but the General was commons, which we suppose they will commubis bail, who said he knew the gentleman, (be- nicate to you; and we pray Gou to bless your ing his nearkinsman) and would take bis parole joint endeavours for the good of us all: and so to appear before the parliament.”

we bid you very heartily farewell. Given at The King's Letter to the House of Peers.] our Court at Breda, this 14th day of April, May 1. The two houses met. After the 1660, in the 12th year of our reign." Lords had done some other business, and or- The King's Declaration.] Ilis majesty's Dedered a call of their house to be on the 3d claration from Breda to all his loviny Subjects, instant, they were informed, That there was a inclosed in the foregoing, was as follows: gentleman, sir John Grenville, in the lobby, " C. R. “ Charles, by the Grace of God, who had a Letter to deliver to this house from King of England, Scotland, France, and Irethe King ; the house thereupon was adjourned land, Defender of the l'aith, &c. To all our during pleasure, and the Speaker was appointed loving subjects, of what degree or quality soeto go to the lower end of the house, and re- ver, greeting: If the general distraction and ceive it at the hands of the messenger. The confusion which is spread over the whole king. house being resumed, the Speaker reported, dom, doth not awaken all men to a desire and “ That sir John Grenville delivered to bim a longing that those wounds, which have so many Letter, which he said he received from the King, years together been kept bleeding, may he his master, to deliver to the house of peers." bound up, all we can say will be to no purpose; Hereupon, the house commanded the said Let- however, after this long silence, we have thought ter, with a Declaration inclosed therein, to be it our duty to declare how much we desire to read twice ; which was done accordingly, and contribute thereunto; and that as we can never are as follow :

give over the hope, in good time, to obtain the To the Speaker of the House of Peers, and possession of that right which God and nato the Lords there assembled.

ture hath made our due ; so we do make it « C. R. Right trusty and right well-be- our daily suit to the Divine Providence, that loved cousins, and right trusty and well-be- he will, in compassion to us and our subjects, loved, we greet you well : We cannot bave a after so long misery and sufferings, remit, and better reason to promise ourself an end of our put us into a quiet and peaceable possession common sufferings and calamities, and that our of that our right, with as little blood and daown just power and authority will, with God's mage to our people as is possible ; nor do we blessing, be restored to us, than that we hear desire more to enjoy wbat is ours, than that all you are again acknowledged to have that au- our subjects may enjoy what by law is theirs, thority and jurisdiction which hath always be- by a full and entire administration of justice longed to you by your birth, and the funda- throughout the land, and by extending our mental laws of the land: and we have thought mercy where it is wanted and deserved. - And it very fit and safe for us to call to you for your

to the end that the fear of punislıment may not help in the composing the confounding distem- engage any, conscious to themselves of what is pers and distractions of the kingdom, in which past, to a perseverance in guilt for the future, your sufferings are next to those we have un- hy opposing the quiet and happiness of their dergone ourself; and therefore you cannot but country, in the Restoration both of king, peers, be the most proper counsellors for removing and people to their just, antient, and fundathose mischiefs, and for preventing the like for mental rights, we do, by these presents, declare, the future. How great a trust we repose in That we do grant a free and general Pardon, you, for the procuring and establishing a blessed wbich we are ready, upon demand, to pass unPeace and Security for the Kingdom, will ap- der our Great Seal of England, to all our subpear to you by our inclosed Declaration; which jects, of what degree or quality soever, wbo, trust, we are most confident, you will discharge within 40 days after the publishing hereof, with that justice and wisdoin that becomes you, shall lay hold upon this our grace and favour, and must always be expected from you ; and and shall, by any public act, declare their doing that, upon your experience how one violation so, and that they return to the loyalty and obe succeeds another, when the known relations dience of good subjects; excepting only such and rules of justice are once transgressed, you persons as shall hereafter be excepted by parwill be as jealous for the rights of the crown, / liament, those only to be excepted. Let alt

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