Concepts and Choices: A Writer's Companion and Personal Advisor

Ön Kapak
Universal-Publishers, 2001 - 236 sayfa
Concepts and Choices is a new approach to teaching writing, one that incorporates recognized concepts and techniques with some neglected ones and some entirely new ones. The assumption is made that extensive practice without attending to such concepts provides nothing more for students than the opportunity for frequent repetition of error. Therefore, this book calls for smaller, manageable units of instruction. In addition, the so-called "process" model of writing used extensively by teachers today has emphasized the "discovery" of arguments (neglecting almost entirely descriptive/narrative writing) at the expense of more important elements, including the quality of content. Writing is a complex activity that cannot be reduced to an analogy in which it is compared to an assembly line at a factory. Good writing indeed requires a rigorous apprenticeship, one that goes beyond a few hours a day in a classroom. This book attempts to provide a guide to good writing.

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Communication Humans not Radios
The Basics Discourse and the Appeals
The Great Divide Oral and Written Discourse
Purposes and Methods Modes of Written Communication
The Modes Patterns of Experience Patterns of Thought
Persuasion or Assertion Whats It All About?
To err is human Informal Logic and the Evaluation of Sources
Something Old Something New Patterns in Grammar
Style and Substance Sentence Reformulation
Paragraphing Mechanics and Art
The Length and the Width Larger Forms
A New World A Matter of Discovery
Nexus Imitation and Creativity
Selected Bibliography

Use and Abuse Words for Writers
Another Way of Speaking Figurative and Literal Reference and Allusion
The Craft Revision and Editing

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