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2. How are these communicated ?

They are verily [iv. 2.) and indeed taken, that is

received in truth and in reality. 3. By whom are they thus received ?

By the faithful, that is by all good Christians, who

partake of the Lord's supper. XXXIV. What are the benefits whereof we are

partakers thereby? The strengthening and refreshing of our souls by the body and blood of Christ, as our bodies are by the bread and wine. 1. What are our souls ?

Our spirits within us that never die, even ourselves. 2. What is strengthening and refreshing ?

It is to make strong instead of weak, and fresh

instead of weary. 3. Where does this benefit take place?

In our souls, by the body and blood of Christ

which we receive. 4. In what way does it take place?

As surely and as effectually as our bodies are sup

ported by bread and wine. (xxxii. 1.] XXXV. What is required of them who come to

the Lord's supper ? To examine themselves whether they repent them truly of their former sins, stedfastly purposing to lead a new life, have a lively faith in God's mercy through Christ, with a thankful remembrance of his death; and be in charity with all


1. What do you say is required before the Lord's supper?

That those who come should examine, that is look into and search thoroughly, themselves. What first must they examine? Whether they repent [xxix. 1.) them truly (xx, 11.] of their former sins. (v. 38.]


3. What must they look for next after repentance ?

Whether they are stedfastly [xxIx. 3.] purposing

or intending to lead a new life. [XXVIII. 2.] 4. What thirdly must they examine ?

Whether they have a lively faith [xxix. 4.] in

God's mercy [xxI11. 6.] through Christ. 5. What is a lively faith?

That which brings forth the fruit of good works. 6. What next must they examine ?

Whether they have a thankful (xx. 7.] remem

brance [x11.1.) of Christ's death. [v. 17. xxxi. 1,2.] 7. In what lastly must they examine themselves ?

Whether they be in charity with all men. [xxi. 2.] 8. What is charity ?

It is to do no harm, to think no evil, to bear all ill, and to love all mankind.

It is suggested to teachers, that wherever, in the course of these questions and answers, they meet with a word or expression which has been previously explained, they should look back, as directed by the figures of reference, and ask the learner the question or questions pointed out.

This they should do, more or less frequently, according to the proficiency they meet with in the scholars. For the

further convenience of both parties, a short Index is added over leaf.

Almighty, v. 5.
Amen, v. 42. xxiii, 13.
Ascending, v. 23.
Atonement, xxxi. I.
Authority, xxi. 6.
Baptism, ii. 3. xxiv. 3.
Belief, v. 1.
Believe, iii. 15.
Bible, iii. 13. xx. 10.
Bondage, viii. 6.
Catholic, v. 34.
Charity, xxxv. 8.
Christ, v. 9.
Christian, i. 2.
Church, ii. 4. v. 33.
Commandments, iii. 17.
Communion, v. 35.
Confirmed, iv. 12.
Covet, xviii, 1.
Creed, vi. 1.
Crucified, v. 16.
Descending, v. 19.
Duty, xix. 1, 2.
Elect, vi. 9.
Everlasting, v. 41. xxiii. 10.
Examine, xxxv. I.
Faith, xxix. 4.
Faithful, the, xxxiii. 3.
Father, the, v. 4.
Forgiveness, v. 37.
Ghostly, xxiii. 8.
God, v. 3. vi. 1.
Gods, ix. 1.
Godfathers, ii. 2.
Grace, iv. 4, 11.
Graven, x. 4.
Hallowed, xii. 10.
Heaven, v. 24.
Holy, v. 34.
Holy Ghost, v. 31.
Image, x. 3.
Inheritor, ii. 7.
Jealous, x. 6.
Jesus, v. 9.

Judge, to, v. 29.
Kingdom of heaven, ii. 8.
Life everlasting, v. 41.
Lord's Supper, xxiv. 4.
Lowly, xxi. 10.
Lusts of the flesh, iii. 11.
Malice, xxi. 14.
Mercy, xxiii. 6.
Neighbour, xvii. 1.
New birth, ii. 9. xxviii. 2.
Obey, xiii. 2.
Ordained, xxv. 5.
Pastor, xxi. 8.
Pledge, xxv. 7.
Pomps and vanity, iii. 9.
Prayer, xxii. 1.
Promise, xxx. 1.
Quick, v. 28.
Redeem, vi. 5.
Remember, xii. 2.
Renounce, iii. 6.
Repentance, xxix. 1.
Resurrection, v. 39.
Reverently, xxi. 10.
Sabbath, xii. 3.
Sacrament, xxv.
Sacrifice, xxxi. 1.
Saints, v. 35.
Salvation, xxiv. 2.
Sanctity, vi. 8.
Satan, iii. 5.
Sin, v. 38.
Slandering, xxi. 16. xvii. 2.
Son, only, v. 10.
Souls, xxxiv. 1.
Spiritual, xxv. 2.
Stedfastly, xxix. 3.
Succour, xxi. 3.
Trespasses, xxii, 10.
Vanity, iii. 9.
Verily, iv. 2. xxxiii. 2.
Visible, xxv. I.
Walk, iii. 20.
Worship, xx. 6.


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