The Blood Throughout the 7 Dispensations

Ön Kapak
AuthorHouse, 17 Ağu 2005 - 292 sayfa

Clearly something is dreadfully wrong with our society when we compare the inner societal performances against the documented foundational biblical principles on which our nation is purportedly built. It is not just a national problem we face, rather an international crisis due to the absence of understanding of what spiritual repercussions await us for the lack of performance to Gods dictates. We are distracted and sidelined by childish malice over skin color, races, and a stockpile of other nonessentials, as in essence, the angels of God gradually push shut the great stone hinged door of time allotted us to establish true God fearing relationships, in the final hour of this 6th dispensation.

God used one blood, His blood in the creation of man upon the face of the earth. The dominion and power of Gods human creatures were bestowed upon and within man by the blessing of the Creator. Mans failure in lack of obedience to God imposed a chronological timeframe upon humankind that was already operating in the reproductive realm, from initiation of pregnancy to full term for birth, but would now directly impact the lifespan of humans, and sub-species, from birth to death. The life of every God conscious creature is in the blood: a transfusable, non-transmutable, generation transcending, God breathed biomaterial. A goodly portion of the God conscious segment of society is visually aware, but functionally asleep. God, who has given us dominion, has also given us time to get our domain in order, to His specifications: in fact He has given us six allotments, or dispensations of time, wherein we have control, to do so.

The Lord will attend and manage personally the 7th dispensation, in His vesture dipped in blood. Gods blood has its role throughout all of the 7 dispensations.


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Yazar hakkında (2005)

A course entitled: Religion versus Anthropology at Kalamazoo College instructed by the reverend Dr. Charles Warfield and a professor Peterson caused me to both pray and study earnestly to maintain functional faith in God. To this boldly contrasting, but brilliantly enlightening educational experience I attribute my initial strengthened will to pursue God, His purpose for my life, and the writing of this book.

Self-publishing has been the sole method of publication since my initial writing course under the instruction and tutelage of professor Charles Baber: Kellogg Community College, 1968. Self-published works include titles: The Ragamuffin and the Rusty Box: (Angels come in all forms, ranging from poor to rich, even to collect the departing spirits for God). Snow Spiders: (The ills of playing on the fears of others). Grandma Bessie and the Bus Stop: (A grandmother who used faith in impossible times). Rancid Bule, the Musty Mule: (Lessons on personal hygiene). Herb the Cookie Man: (Rewards for good moral behaviors and strong efforts). Bubba Robin & Dr. Crawler: (Too much self confidence). Mira & Peg: (From humble poverty to humble riches).

My accomplishments include a bachelor’s degree in biblical counseling; a master’s degree in biblical studies, and doctorate of theology from the Ministerial Training Institute (MTI) of Los Angels California: a nationally credited bible institute.

I currently reside as founder, pastor and Bishop of The Rock of Revelation Apostolic Churches, Inc. based in Kalamazoo, Michigan. My wife, Kate and I have two daughters: Angela and Kyla, and recently celebrated 35 years of marriage, along with 30 years in the ministry. Our love for and unction from the Lord Jesus Christ is to research God’s word and to serve God by assisting His creation with the awareness and understanding of salvation’s benefits by them. Our experience in ministry is an added value to that task.

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