The Hallelujah Diet

Ön Kapak
Destiny Image Publishers, 2006 - 378 sayfa
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Hallelujah! Here is a diet that will dramatically change your life from the inside, out. Based on a biblical foundation and years of research, statistics, and powerful testimonials including the author's own dramatic story George Malkmus' The Hallelujah Diet has caused people from all walks of life to stop and reconsider their daily food consumption habits. Stressing the healing power of food and how its proper use restores the body to a natural, healthy state, this book provides life-changing and life-saving information, recipes, and eating plans that have been proven safe and miraculously successful. It encourages a healthy change in eating, promoting exercise, fresh air, pure water, sunshine, and rest. Hallelujah! A diet that finally ties food and health together with common sense.

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Extremely strict approach to eating.

Kullanıcı Değerlendirmesi  - Pamela -

This food plan is very strict, raw food vegan. I don't think it would be doable by many people. Suggest checking it out online thoroughly before you purchase to see if it suits your lifestyle. My ... Tam incelemeyi okuyun

This is a great book

Kullanıcı Değerlendirmesi  - Linda -

The Hallelujah Diet book is just as timely today as it was 5 years ago when it first was published. This book is a real good read for those looking for a healthier lifestyle. The book teaches about ... Tam incelemeyi okuyun

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Stress and Emotional Balance
Depression and Emotional Healing
Autoimmune Disorders
Getting Started
Choices and Goals
Charting the Course

The Real Miracle
The Ways of Man and Medicine
Gods Way Living Food
Osteoporosis and Arthritis
Proper Fuel for Miracles
Dead Animal Products
Other Dead and Deadly Products
The Diet and Lifestyle
The Hallelujah Diet Explained
Living and Organic Foods
Digestive Disorders
Cleansing the System
Clean Water
Clean Air
Weight Loss and Management
Cardiovascular Disease
Taking the First Steps
Warning Label Prepare for Detox
In Love With Food All Over Again
In Conclusion
The Two Most Important Issues In Life
Hallelujah Health Goals Worksheets
Charting the Course Worksheets
Starting PointList A SAD Food List Journal
Starting PointList B Living Food List Journal
Starting PointList C Cooked Food List Journal
DestinationReplacement Journal
Index of Recipes
Recommended Reading List
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