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Though the veil, which descended from her head, crowned with the leaf of Minerva, half hid her from

my view.

Still, in royally majestic attitude she stood, and speaking like one who keeps back his deepest and warmest words:

« Look at me well: I am, I am indeed Beatrice. »

Zilia Gazola.

Thanksgiving and prayer of Dante to Beatrice.

Oh Lady, from whom my hope draws vigour, and who, for my salvation, didst endure to leave the imprint of your feet in Hell,

I recognize the virtue and grace of whatever I have seen, as coming from your power and goodness

You have led me from the slavery of passion into true freedom, by all those ways and means which had the power thereto.

Preserve your great gifts in me, in order that my soul, which you have healed, may be freed from the body in a state pleasing to you.

Thus did I pray, and she, standing far off, as it seemed to me, smiled, and looked at me once more: then she turned to the Eternal Fountain of all good.

Paolina Edlmann.

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Pag. 5

La Donna Ispiratrice, del Prof. Isidoro Del Lungo

(Traduzione in francese).

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Beatrice in Dante's Leben und Werken, dello Scartazzini

(Traduzione in italiano).

Uno sguardo alla forma dell'Inferno .


Breve cenno su la seconda e terza cantica .



Dalla Vita Nuova e dalla Divina Commedia

(Traduzione in inglese).

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