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1st Administration. , 2nd Administration. | 3rd Administration, until his crucifixion, and destruction of Jerusalem, when he said, “Behold, your house is left unto you desolate," (Matt. xxiii. 38.)

This is a time of mercy and partial reception of the Jews__"He came to his own, and his own received him not.” (John i. 11.)


This began at the con- This begins when he
version of Cornelius, comes in Glory and ma-
when the Gospel was jesty - when Jerusalem
handed over to him by shall no longer be trod-
Peter, and will last until den down of the Gen-
the fulness of the Gentiles tiles, but when she shall
come in.


become the centre and

joy of the whole earth.

This administration is This administration is
“a Light to lighten the" the Glory of my people
Gentiles." (Luke ii. 32.) Israel.” (Luke ii. 32.)


During this period he This is the administra- This is the time when,
only came to the “lost tion, when he is not a as Paul declares, the
sheep of the house of Is-Jew who is one outward-Jews are much better
rael," and told his dis-ly, but he is a Jew who“ every way,” (Rom. iii.
ciples not to go “in the is one inwardly; whose 12,) because to them be-
way of the Gentiles." circumcision is of the longs the Glory

- the (Matt. x. 5, 6.)

heart, and not of the Shechinah, or Jehovah's This administration last- flesh. (Rom. ii. 29.) Glory, is made visible in ed until the Jews cruci

the sight of all men. “I, fied him, and until the

saith the Lord, shall be Gospel was handed by

unto her a wall of fire, Peter through the house

and the Glory in the of Cornelius to the Gen

midst of her.” (Zech. tiles.

ii. 5.)

This is an administra- This is an admistration This is an administra-
tion of Christ as a Pro-of Christ as a Priest unto tion of Christ as King-
phet to the Jewish people. the Gentiles. “Thou art when there is a visible
"A Prophet shall thea Priest after the order king, a visible kingdom,
Lord your God rise up of Melchisedec,” (Heb. and visible subjects
unto you, like unto me; v. 5,)—when there only when the kingdom and
him shall ye hear in all exists an invisible King the greatness of the king-
things whatsoever hel-an invisible kingdom, dom under the whole
shall say unto you." (Acts and its subjects are not heaven shall be given into
iii. 22.)
visibly known.

the hands of the saints of This is an administra

the Most High, whose tion when the “ kingdom

kingdom is an everlasting of heaven was only at

kingdom, and all nations hand.(Matt. iv. 17.)

serve and obey him." When this administra

(Dan. vii. 27.) tion to the Jews was


1st Administration. , 2nd Administration, 3rd Administration. ended, the kingdom of heaven was taken from those who rejected Christ, and was given to a people bringing forth the fruit thereof."

Those of this administration who rejected Christ, “were of their father the devil,” whose works they did, and denied their relation to and descent from faithful Abraham.

This is the time during
which the principles of
the Gospel are only se-
cretly and invisibly at
work; or when the in-
visible kingdom is like
only to a "little leaven
hid in three measures of

This is an administra- This is an administra-
tion when the invisible tion when the kingdom of
kingdom only exists in heaven does not merely
spiritual principles and exist in spiritual and in.
properties, and is not visible properties, but is

embodied and visibly

made manifest. 8.

8. This is the tiine when This is the time when, Ithe "tares and wheat at the end of the age or grow together.”

Aion, the tares are sepa

rated from the wheat. 9.

This is an administra This is the administra-
tion only in principle, tion when the kingdom
and the kingdom at hand, of heaven is come. Pre-
and we

are taught to sent.
pray, -- " Thy kingdom
come.” Future.

This is an administra- This is an administra-
tion of suffering under tion when Daniel's 14th
Daniel's 4th

Gentile Gentile monarchy is monarchy, and Daniel's ground to powder; and 6th kingdom of the Stone its place can no more be has not yet appeared. found; when his fifth

kingdom, namely, the Stone, fills the whole

earth. 11.

11. In this administration In this administration the appears in great sua-'he appears as the Lion of


1st Administration. | 2nd Administration. | 3rd Administration.

vity and meekness, long- the tribe of Judah coming suffering and merciful, to from Bozra, travelling in the Gentiles. And when the greatness of

his • if ye be Christ's then strength, “to take venare you Abraham's seed, geance upon the Gentiles. and heirs according to the promise.” (Gal. iii. 29.) 12.

12. In this administration In this administration it is the circumcision, the circumcision (the litethat is, the literal Jew, ral Jew) is saved by the who shall be saved by coming of Messiah Faith, and the uncircum- their Deliverer, “For the cised through Faith. deliverer shall come out |(Rom. iii. 30.)

of Zion and turn ungodli. ness from Jacob; and this shall be my covenant with them, when I take away

their sins.” (Rom. xi.) 13.

13. During this administra. During this administration True Worship is not tion true worship will confined to this mountain, embrace Place, and State (Samaria), nor yet to Je-too, for it will be confined rusalem ; but they that to Mount Zion and Jeruworship the Father, wor-salem : “For it shall come ship him in spirit and in to pass in the last days truth, (John iv. 4): it that the mountain of the

only consists in state, and Lord's house shall be esnot in place.

tablished in the top of the During this administra-mountains, and shall be tion, “From the rising of exalted above the hills, the sun unto the going and all nations shall flow down of the same, my unto it.” (Mic. iv. 10; name shall be great Isa. ii. 2.) among the Gentiles; and in every place incense shall be offered and a pure offering." (Mal. i. 11.) 14.

14. During this administra. During this administration, “every creature of tion, or at the time of its God is good, and nothing being introduced, “The to be refused if it be re-Lord will

with ceived with thanksgiv- fire and with chariots, ing.” (1 Tim. iv. 4.) like a whirlwind, to ren

der his anger with fury, and his rebuke with flames of fire, and they that sanctify themselves and purify themselves behind one green tree in the midst, eating swine's flesh, &c., shall be consumed together, saith the

Lord.” (Isa. lxvi. 15-17.) 15.

15. During this administra- At the beginning of


Ist Administration.



2nd Administration. | 3rd Administration. tion, he has come in great this administration he suavity, meekness, and comes in the Devouring long-suffering, the Fire as the Shechinah, Lamb of God.

and tramples the winepress of his fury, as the Lion of the tribe of Judah.

16. During this admistra-. During this administration sacrifices cannot be tion sacrifices will be restored, because they restored and observed by have respect to place, the children of Israel, and to the Temple at for when the Temple is Mount Zion and Jerusa- rebuilt at Mount Zion lem, which now lieth and Jerusalem, the place waste and desolate. that sacrifices have re

spect to will be again established. (See Jer, xxxiii, 17, 18; Ezek. xlvi.

19, 24.) 17.

17. During this administra- During this administra. tion the Feast of Taber- tion the Feasts will be renacles and the Feast of stored; the Feast of First Purim are to be observed Fruits, and especially the by the Jews, because it Feast of Tabernacles. is commanded them that (See Zech. xiv. 16.) Jit shall be a “statute for ever in your generation." 18.

18. During this administra- During this administration the 7th Day Sabbath tion the antitype and must be kept both by substance of the Sabbath, Jews and Christians, having come, there will because it is not a Legal, be no necessity of any but Paradisical com.longer keeping the type, mandment and has never or one day only as a Sabbeen changed nor ab- bath, because the rogated ; and because it lventh day—the seventh

is “the Sabbath (not of thousandth year of the the Jews only, but) of Lord-will be one contithe Lord thy God." God nual Sabbath, and then did commence the week will be fulfilled what Paul on the first day, and not referred to in the former on Monday the second administration, as fol. day, "for the evening lows: “For if Jesus had and the morning were given them rest, then the first day.-(See would he not afterward Gen. 15.) It is absurd to have spoken of another destroy the type before day. There remaineth the antitype comes. therefore a rest for the

people of God.(See Heb. iv. 8, 9.)

During this administrą. dion the former Covenant will be abrogated. Behold, the days come, saith the Lord, that I will


Ist Administration.

2nd Administration. | 3rd Administration.

make a "new Covenant with the House of Israel, and the House of Judah." (Heb. viii. 8; Jer. xxxi. 31-40.) This new Covevenant is distinct, and is in no wise applicable to the New Testament: for it is to be made with the

house of Israel and the 19.

house of Judah.
During this administra-
tion circumcision is to be
observed by every Jewish
proselyte, by virtue of
the Covenant made with
their fathers; by virtue
of which covenant they
are “never as a nation
to be reckoned with the
nations,” but are to inhe.
rit the land and the Glo-
rious Sechinah, and to
have th pre-eminence
above every Gentile.

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