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Of all Invention : for knowledge is the foundation of invention.

Of all Perception : for by it and in it we can alone see and perceive.

Of all Discrimination : for it only shows us the difference between thing and thing.

Of all Discernment : for it is that alone in which we can discern.

It is this blessed Light which causes the diversity of the seven beautiful colours, as we see by the rays of light passing through a prism, or prismatic glass.

Of all aromatic plants, fragrant herbs, and the sweetness and deliciousness of ambrosial fruits and flowers,—these receive all their life from the heat,* and all their sweetness, fragrance and beauty from the meek, gentle light.

Look here, Infidels and Atheists-behold this Son of God, this Light of the world, that ye can both see and feel, acting within, without, and all

around you.

This Light is the very heart and essence, the very essentiality and life, of the Son of God. This constitutes the Spirit of Jesus Christ and his Body, that rose or ascended above the darkness of this world—was the very nearest aggregation or compact that could possibly be formed by the Light into a body, and this body only arose to its proper level or equilibrium, and therefore it arose above the darkness that necessarily constitutes the fallen bodies of this world, because it was the first born of the Sons of Light, and because it belonged to the regions of Light.

* Fire,

O glorious privilege ! to behold thee, thou only “ Living Child”—both as to spirit and body, of which Wisdom says, “Divide it not, but give it to its true mother." O! I shall soon see thee as God's King, sitting upon his holy hill of Zion, when Jerusalem will be the centre and joy of the whole earth; “when kings shall bring presents unto thee, because of the temple at Jerusalem.” (Psalm lxviii. 29.)

O! thou Pearl of great price—thou all-consuming sweet refining fire ! Thou art indeed the Father and Creator of this Light, Life, Virtue, Wisdom, and Power !

Can this God be denied, when he can be seen operating in the heavens and in the earth?

Can weakness become effective and productive instead of power? Or can foolishness contrive, design, and adapt means to answer intended ends, instead of wisdom and understanding?

This Christ, who declares himself the Light of this world, is therefore properly called the Wisdom and Power of God.

Cast thy eye, () Infidel and Materialist, over


this vast universe-over the heavens, the earth, the seas, and the rivers of waters-yea, and over thyself, who art a microcosm of the whole concentrated,-view the wonderful formation, contrivance, relation, and adaptation of one part to the other, and of means to their intended ends,-and say, if thou canst, that they are not the production of a superior, extraordinary power;—if they are not, find an inferior or ordinary power that can produce them.

This thou canst not do; therefore they are the production of an all powerful understanding, wise influence, or spirit that is superior to thee. Thou must either own, or deny, the existing facts and works of a God made manifest to thy senses of seeing, feeling, tasting, smelling, and hearing; that

“ Warms in the sun, refreshes in the breeze,

Glows in the stars, and blossoms on the trees;
Lives through all life, extends through all extent,

Spends undivided, operates, unspent." And the further the mind of man progresses in this light, he will see more light; for it is the way, the truth, and the light; for no way can be seen without it, nor any truth be made manifest, as truth, but by it, and no life sustained except with it. It is indeed the “Light of Life," (see John i. 4.)

It was in the beginning of the world, therefore it was said in the beginning, “Let there be Light,


and there was Light;" and this very light made all things discernible and manifest, that before were invisible and indiscernible in darkness; and, O rapturous and delightful thought! this glorious Light is just now on the eve of breaking forth upon this fallen and self-distracted world, and the certain and inevitable consequence must be, that just in proportion as this blessed Light increases, it must banish and diminish its opposite darkness, with all that has proceeded from it,- which are the whole catalogue of human woes and miseries, and every thing that can hurt or destroy,-to their own level, limit, and repository.

This is the glorious blessing of the Shechinah or cloud of Glory to the righteous, for this Shechinah is an all-consuming, all-devouring fire; in this fire is a light, yea, a sevenfold light; in this light a paradise; in this paradise saints, angels; and among the angels, joy. But alas! alas ! for the wicked ; for they remain in the fire of their own principle—they cannot reach, they cannot live in the light-it blinds them.

“ O! thou great Arbiter of Light and Life,

Nature's Immortal, Immaterial Sun;
Whose all-prolific Beam late call’d me forth
From darkness, teeming darkness; where I lay,
The worm's inferior, and beneath
The dust I tread on, high to bear my brow;
To drink the spirit of the golden day,
And triumph in existence ; and could know
No motive but my bliss, and hast ordained

A rise in blessings, with the Patriarch's joy
Thy call I follow to the land unknown.
I trust in thee ; I know in whom I trust,
Or Life or Death are equal, neither weighs;
All weight in this, O let me live to thee."

These blessings will all take place upon this world ere long, and blessed are they who have ears to hear, and a heart prepared to meet them with joy and peace, and to

“ Behold the measure of the promise fillid,

See Salem built, the labour of a God;
Bright as the sun the sacred city shines;
All kingdoms and all princes of the earth
Flock to her light ; the Glory of all lands
Flows into her; unbounded is her joy,
And endless her increase. Thy rams are there,
Nabaioth, and the flocks of Kedar there ;
The looms of Ormus, and the mines of Ind,
And Saba's spicy groves, pay tribute there :
Praise is in all her gates ; upon her walls,
And in her streets, and in her spacious courts,
Is heard salvation. Eastern Java there
Kneels with the native of the farthest west,
And Æthiopia spreads abroad her hand
And worships.

Her report has travell’d forth
Into all lands. From every clime, they come
To see thy beauty, and to share thy joy,
O Zion! an assembly such as earth saw never,
Such as heaven stoops down to see,
Thus heavenward all things tend, for all were once
Perfect, and all must be at length restor'd;
So God as greatly purposed, who would else
In his dishonour'd work, himself endure
Dishonour, and be wrong without redress.
Haste then, and eel away a shattered world,
Ye slow revolving seasons ! We would see

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