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BOOKS Printed for and Sold

by John Phillips, at the Black Bull, next the Fleece-Tavern, Over against the Royal Exchange in Cornhil.

C. ,

Julius Cæsar's Commentarys on his

Wars in Gaul, and Civil Wars with Pompey. To which is added, Aulius Hire tius, or Appius's Supplement of the Alecandrian, African and Spanish Wars: With the Author's Life. Adorn'd with Sculptures, from the Designs of the famous Palladio.

An Epistolary Discourse, proving from the Scriptures and the firft Fathers, that the Soul is a Principle naturally mortal, but immortaliz'd actually by the Pleasure of God to Punishment, or to Reward by its Union with the Divine Baptismal Spirit; wherein is prov'd, that none have the Power of giving this Divine iinmortalizing Spirit fince the Apostles, but only Bilhops : With an Hypothesis concerning Sacerdotal Absolution. The second Edition with large Editions, and corrected from great Erratas by the Author's own hand.

The English Theophraitus, or the Manners of the Age, being the modern Charaders of the Court, Town and City. The 3d Edition, with the addition of 37 new Characters.


Some Letters,containing an account of what feem'd most remarkable in travel. ding thro Switzerland, Italyand some parts of Germany. Written by G. Burnet, D.D. now Lord Bishop of sarum, to the honourable Robert Boyle Esq; To which is added an Appendix, containing some Remarks on Switzerland and Italy, writ by a Person of Quality, and communi. cated to the Author. The 3d Edition.

The Compleat History of the Affairs of Spain, from the first Treaty of Par; tition to this prefent Time. Containing a particular Account of the different Measures taken fince the Peace of Reswick to recover Spain to the House of Austria,by K. William of Glorious Memory, and the Great A&tions perform'd by Q. Ann and her Allys in Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, &c. Represented in a new Method, by all the authentick Memorials, Letters, Declarations, Manifeftos, Treatys, doc. relating to that grand Affair. To which is prefix'd an Introduction, giving a fhort View of the first Rise and various Resolutions of that Empire, its Grandure and Designs to the attaining to the Uni, versal Monarchy, and the true Causes of its most surprizing Declenfion since the Reign of K. Philip II. By 7.C. M, D, Fellow of the Royal Society, &c.

Sacramental Exercises. or the Chrif. tian's Employment, before, at, and af, ter the Lord's Supper. ich is added a Discourse of Hearthy, being a Farewel-Sermon, preach'd in Limefireet, Septemb. 29. 1706. By Jaber Earle.





Of the Duty of


COL. III. 16.. - Teaching and

admonishing one another in Psalms, and Hymns, and Spiritual Songs ; singing with Grace in vour Hearts to the Lord's

Esigning to give some Account of the Nature of Singing, consider'd

1. Branch of Chriftian W

way me inizeduc. B

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Serm. I.tion to the following Discourses, I

have chosen these words as the
Foundation of what I have to
offer upon that Matter, and shall
in a few words thew their Rela-
tion to the Context.

In the foregoing Chapters the
Apostle asserts the great Truths of
the Gospel, and in this begins a
pra&tical Exhortation, grounded
upon what he had been there elta-
blishing : From the Consideration
of what he had there said, preso
sing Heavenly-mindedness and
Mortification, from Verse 1. to
12. from whence to the 16th, he
urges to the particular Dutys of
Charity, Peace and Thankfulness;
and as a Means in order hereto di
rects the diligent Study of the

Scriptures, which' duly entertain'd 2Tim.I11. are able to make us wife unto Sal16.

vation; and particularly enjoins
the Singing of Psalms Hymns, and
Spiritual Song's, as tending to pro-
mote the Intereit of Holiness in
our Hearts and Lives.

In the Words we love the Act,
the Object, the Mantis. the End
of the mention'd Du

rom the

joint Confideration whereof we Šerm. I. may form à Definition of it, as exact as we are concern'd to have.

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1. The Act is Singing; the general Notion of which is speaking musically: and I hould but abuse your Patience in detaining you, while I insisted more largely upon a matter which is so obvious to the meanest Understanding. : II. The object is Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs. How these are distinguim'dT cannot tell, and Mhall not trouble you with the Opinions of others. In this they all agree, That they are Words so compos'd, as to be fit for Singing ; which is the proper Notion of what we call Verse or Matre..

But the object of Singing in general beoetir ad Compofures, or Words set to Tunes; I need not tell you that the ohject.c.f Singing, Kit is an Act of Relia vs Worfhip, is Divine and Sitritväl Songs, ire. Composures whicn contain a Divine or Spiritual Sense, whose subject Matter is God, his Nature,

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