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Ser. IV. scure, and Country Villages, it

may not be amiss to continue the other way; but so as that now and then, for the sake of others who can read, our Method be observ'd. And in the mean time it were to be wish'd, that such as are charitably dispos’d would order some part of their Benevolence towards the ercating of Schools in such dark places, and procure that the Poorbe taught to read. Herein they would doubtless do a Work highly acceptable in the sight of God.

As to other objections, that may be rais'd against what we have recommended ; a pair of Spectacles would answer for the most part those of the Aged ; for I am fatisfy'd but very few attend our Alsemblys, who have outliv'd the Use of these Helps: And a small Sum of Mony rais'd in the Congregation to buy a competent number of Books to be given away, will answer the Objections of the Poor.

But if after all this, People will cavil and be content.ou, we muft

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pity their Weakness, and bless Ser. IV.
God who hath fhone upon us with m
so great Light, as to remove our
most dangerous Prejudices against the
pure Administrations of his Wor-
Thip, when we see how difficult it
is in lesser matters to wean Peo-
ple from a Custom they have been
long wedded to.

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EPHES. V. latter Part of

the 19th Verse. -Singing and making melody in your Heart to the Lord.


HESE Words contain an
Exhortation to the Prac-

tice of that noble and delightful Duty, of Singing the Praises of God; and afford us fome Advice and Direction for the right Performance of it. We must be inspir'd and acted, not by a vain and sensual Spirit, but by the divine į and being thus prepard,


must fo fing, as to make melody in Ser. V. our Hearts to the Lords

- Here are several Words in this Verse relating to the Nature of this Duty, which I shall not stay to explain and open : This having been already done to my hand, I fhall no further consider the Text, than it is serviceable to me in handling that part of the Subject, which is allign'd me in this Exercise ; and that is to lay before you fome Practical Rules and Directions for the acceptable Performance of the Duty. The Nature of it has been open'd, your Obligation as Christians to perform it fully provid, the Divine Excellency and Nobleness of it clearly manifested, the Cavils and Objections of those who are Enemys to it fully consider'd and answer'd; and now, I hope, what you have heard has so far convinc'd your Judgment, and influenc'd your Wills and Affections, that you are resolv'd either to begin or continue in the Practice of so unquestionable and excellent a Duty, and that you are very desirouş to know how you may per



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Ser. V. form it to God's acceptance, and v the advantage of your own Souls.

This part of the Subject is as ne. cessary as any, for you to be in. structed in; for after all that has been said, if you fail in the right manner of Performance, your labour will be lost: How excellent a Duty soever it be in it felf, and how beneficial and pleasant foever it be to others, it will not be so to you; but God will be dishonour'd, and your Souls prejudicd. I fear multitudes are very defective and faulty in this part of the Duty: There are many more who are Enemys to a holy Performance, than who are Enemys to the external Duty:

I shall divide the Directions into

three parts,

I. Such as concern the Choice of

proper and futable Matter. II. Such as relate to the external

Manner of Performance. And, III. Such as respect the internal

and spiritual Frame and Temper of the Soul.

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