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Ser. V.

But the further enlarging upon, Mwand enforcing of these things,

with sut able Arguments and Motives, will be the work of my Worthy Brother, who finishes what we design from this Sabject.

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PSA L. LVII.8. Awake up my Glory ; Awake

Psaltery and Harp; I my self will awake early,

: ( OU have had the several

Parts of this Subject of fing

ing Psalms in fo many Difcourses distinctly eslay'd, with design that the whole of it, as a Duty, might be more compleatly explain's and asserted by Vs ; while, as a Gift, the becoming manner of performing it is im


Ser. V. prov'd and cultivated by You:

and, I hope, our joint Endeavors may do something toward the settling its Theory and Divine Regulation, its more decent and orderly Practice, the reviving its more general Use, retrieving its Glory, rescuing it from the Objections of the Scrupulous, and from the Corruptions of Levity or Superstition.

To this end the Nature of the Duty has been ftated, that you may sing with Understanding. Its Obligations proved; that you may fing without the fear of Will-more hip, or offering ftrange Fire. The Excellence of it has been display'd, as truly Angelical and Seraphic; as pleasing to God, and comely for the Upright; as that whereby we are carry'd into the Company of Angels, to join in their work, and partake of their ļoys. Objections have been answer'd, that your Hearts may be fix'd while you fing and give Praise. The true manner of singing the Divine Praises has been directed, fo as to maké Melody to God, and that it may be ac


to us.

ceptable to him, and profitable Ser. VI. 5. What remains then, but that we make the most of such a Duty as this? And since here's nothing else to hinder, Indifference, Drowfiness or Carelesness should not; but that we awaken all our Powers to a Work that is so much its own immediate Reward. And since the foregoing Sermons have presented yon with the Scale of Heavenly Musick, as found in Scripture set by the Holy Ghoffe who in all this Matter is the chief Musician, praca, tife upon it as high as you can: and tho at present the lower Notes only are within your Compafs, hereafter the higher Straipshali not be beyond your reach: for. when we are made like Angels, we shall sing like them too in, that World where Love and Harmony; are in' Perfe&tion :, In the mean time, we may bear an humble Part. And why should we think our Heaven can begin too soon? If the Grace of Heaven do but tune the Heart, Wonder, Love, and Joy will never let your Tongue


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Ser. VI.lie still, but will awaken your Glory,

and all that is within you to bless his Holy Name.

The former Part of this Psalm recounts the many Calamitys Dao vid was under, his Circumstances dark and gloomy as the Cave he was now in ; distress'd and beliegʻd on every fide, no way open to Relief but that toward Heaven; he was flying before Saul's Cruelty, now instigated by that evil Spirit, which in the absence of David's Harp and Psalmody, had taken in, tire poffeffion of him. The Sweet Singer of Israel was thus drove out to join Confort with the untaught Harmony of the Woods, wandring like a Vagabond, and had

and that he was refoly'd thould neveri be 'remov'd from God, or from his Praise ; for even in such a time as this he could say, My Heart is fix’d, O God ! my Heart is fix'd; I will sing and give Praise. Fix'd in the midy na serene within when all around was Storm and Tempest. And how Divinely Great does that Man look,


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