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Serm. II. that are recorded in Heaven, with

everlasting Shouts of Praise to bim that fits upon the Throne, and to the Lamb. 'Tis in these terms

that God's own Delight is exZeph. III. press’d; He will rest in his Loves 17. and rejoice over them with singing.

'Tis a good way to allure our Value for that better Church, when the most delightful part of Worship here is to give it a Title. The Faith and Hope, that are contending upwards, do never so well employ themselves, as in the Duty of admiring God; because it's so much the same with the Vie fion into which they shall expire.


I'll conclude the whole with the

Apostle's Advice, grounded on Heb. XII]. this very Argument, We have here 14, IS. no continuing City, but we seek one

to come ; 'tis the desire of our Souls that it may be, and we have the Word of a Redeemer that it shall be: By him therefore let us offer the Sacrifice of Praise unto God contie nually, that is, the Fruit of our Lipsg. giving thanks unto his Name. i



of the Duty of SINGING.


PSA L. CXLVII. 1.Praise-ye the Lord, for it is good to sing Praise to our God;

for it is pleasant, and Praise is comely:

IS the third part of the
Subject th

that has fallen to my share, and which I am to consider at this time; i. e. To represent the Excellence of this noble Duty, and recommend it to your Love and Esteem. I shall

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Ser. III. confine my self strictly to this fin

gle Branch of the Subject, and endeavour to keep within the limits prescrib'd me.

EXCELLENCE, or the just Commendation that belongs to a thing, may be consider'd either as something real and inherent in the Subject; or as fomething relative, and in the respect it bears to other things. The former signifies the intrinsick Value of a thing, or what it has in it felf to recommend it : The latter fignifies its Preference to other things, or what there is in it that exceeds others of a like kind..

I shall proceed upon these general Meafures in the present Cafe: and represent the Excellence or Value of this Duty, under this double Consideration of it.

1. Consider it more Absolutely,

and as it is in it felf. II. More Relatively, and as it

stands in comparison with others.


Under the former I shall fhew Ser. If. wherein it agrees, and what it has more in common with others : Under the latter, wherein it excels, and what it has more appro. priate and peculiar to itself.

. 1. I shall consider it more abfo-
lutely. And the Excellence of it

appear, if you view the whole
Frame of it, and consider it in all
its Parts; viz.

S. 1. Consider the Matter that is to be fung; in the general, The Praises of God : That I may hero PC. IX.14. forth all thy Praise. And the Apoitle expresses it by Pfalm's, an Hymns, and spiritual Songs; which perhaps may be design'd to signify nothing more than the several Ti

tles and Divisions of the Book of · Pfalms.

But then this must be understood in the fullest Latitude : Whatsoever tends to the Praise of the Almighty, every Representation of his Glory, and every Dile covery of his Will. And if you consult the Sacred Pfalmody, you Mall find that the Plalms that are



Ser. III. upon record, are full of various
WExcellencys, and one of the most

lofty and noble Parts of the Sacred
Writings. Particularly,

We are to sing the Praises of
Creating Power. To this purpose
divers of the Psalms of David are
particularly directed; that recount
the Glorys of the great Creator,
and celebrate his Praise, in the
stately Fabrick of Heaven and
Earth, in the rich Furniture and
vast Variety of Beings, in all the
Impresles of his Glory upon the
Creation, and all the Instances of

his eternal Power and Godhead. Pf. XIX. The Heavens declare the Glory of 1, 2.

God, and the Firmament femeth his
Handy-work, &c. Thou art great,
clothed with Majesty and Honour';

coverest thy self with Light as with'a Pl. CIV. Garment; stretchest out the Heavens beginning. as a Curtain : He layeth the Beams of

his Chamber in the Water, maketh the
Clouds his Chariot, and walketh upon
the Wings of the Wind. Thou laid so
the Foundation of the Earth, that it
should not be remov'd for ever, and
cover’dst it mith the Deep as with a
Garment, &c.


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