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IN THE Worship of GOD; Preach'd at the Friday Lecture in


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Ifa. LII. 8. Thy Watchmen shall lift up the
Voice, with the Voice together shall they fing.

Printed by F. Darby for N. Cliff at the Golden

Candleftick, the lower End of Cheapside,
near the Old Jury; and 9. Philips at the
Bull, next Door to the Fleece- Tavern in
Cornhil. M. DCC. VIII.

100. N. 307




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HE Duty of Singing

in the Worship of

God had been very mucb negleted and unskilfully perform'd among our felves, in comparison of the greater Knowledgʻ and better Care of the foreign Churches till some late Attempts were set on foot to teach the Art, and ina courage the Practice.

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Among other Designs of this Nature, the Week-day Lecture, at which the following Sermons were preachd, and that has been continu'd several Tears for the Service of Religion, and particularly the Encouragement of Singing, has not been the least considerable, nor the least serviceable and fuccessful.

And as me thought fit at some time or other to consider a Subject, as much neglected as the Practice, and as rarely handled as it was generally ill perform'd ; 30: poe thought it could be no where more proper than at such a Place, And tho they were first? undertaken, and now publish'd at the De

fire of the Gentlemen that ena courage and support it, and for their particular Ufe ; jet we think our felves concern'd to declare, That as we profess to follow the Guidance of no other Spirit but that of God, nor to be of any Party but that of all serious Christians ; so they are fincerely directed to the common Benefit, and have no lower or more confind an Aim, than the Satisfa&tion and affiftance of all the Serious and Sincere.

Many of our Reverend Fathers imploy’d excellent Pains in the several Volumes of the Morning-Lectures that were devoted to the Service of Praca tical Religion, instead of medling with the angry Dis

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