Louis de Blois a Benedictine of the Sixteenth Century

Ön Kapak
Kessinger Publishing, 1 May 2004 - 352 sayfa
1878. Louis de Blois was a Flemish mystical writer, generally known under the name of Blosius. He was educated at the court of the Netherlands with the future emperor Charles V of Germany, who remained to the last his staunch friend. At the age of fourteen he received the Benedictine habit in the monastery of Liessies in Hainaut, of which he became abbot in 1530. Charles V pressed in vain upon him the archbishopric of Cambrai, but Blosius studiously exerted himself in the reform of his monastery and in the composition of devotional works. Partial Contents: Historical Survey of the Development of Mysticism in the World; Early Years of Louis de Blois; Origin of Liessies; Louis de Blois's Arrival at Liessies-His Noviceship-Louvain; Pope Paul III issues a Bull, approving his Nomination; Mary of Austria, Regent of Belgium; The Mirror for Monks; Louis de Blois's studies; Louis de Blois publishes other Works; Enlargement of the Monastery of Liessies; Charles V raises the Siege of Metz; Charles V offers Louis de Blois the Archbishopric of Cambray and the Abbey of St. Martin of Tournay; Louis de Blois's Sweetness of Character; and The Abbot of Liessies Assists at a Synod in the Province of Cambray.

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