The Metamorphoses of the Town: Or, A View of the Present Fashions. A new touch upon the ladies capuchins. The female metamorphosis; or, Ladies tranformed into china-cups. The journal of a modern lady. The furniture of a woman's mind. An inventory of a lady's dressing-room. I.. II.. III.. IV.. V.

Ön Kapak
J. Wilford, 1744 - 62 sayfa

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Sayfa 40 - tis my spouse's way! He's so unkind, he never sends To tell when he invites his friends: I...
Sayfa 44 - Nor do they trust their tongues alone, But speak a language of their own; Can read a nod, a shrug, a look, Far better than a printed book; Convey a libel in a frown, And wink a reputation down; Or by the tossing of the fan, Describe the lady and the man.
Sayfa 38 - Madam, the goldsmith waits below; He says, ' His business is to know If you'll redeem the silver cup He keeps in pawn ? '
Sayfa 40 - ... her Tale, Like Hunters o'er their Evening Ale. Now to another Scene give Place, Enter the Folks with Silks and Lace...
Sayfa 49 - When at a play, to laugh, or cry, Yet cannot tell the reason why ; Never to hold her tongue a minute, While all she prates has nothing in it ; Whole hours can with a coxcomb sit, And take his nonsense all for wit; Her learning mounts to read a song, But half the words pronouncing wrong ; Has every repartee in store She spoke ten thousand times before...
Sayfa 45 - To see a knave's inverted heels! She draws up card by card, to find Good fortune peeping from behind; With panting heart, and earnest eyes, In hope to see spadillo rise; In vain, alas!
Sayfa 36 - How could it come into your mind To pitch on me of all mankind, Against the sex to write a satire, And brand me for a woman-hater ? On me, who think them all so fair, They rival Venus to a hair ; Their virtues never...
Sayfa 51 - Thinks nothing gives one airs so pretty; At once creating love and pity. If Molly happens to be careless, And but neglects to warm her hair-lace, She gets a cold as sure as death; And vows she scarce can fetch her breath. Admires how modest women can Be so robustious like a man.
Sayfa 38 - Of headache and the spleen complains ; And then, to cool her heated brains, Her night-gown and her slippers brought her, Takes a large dram of citron-water.
Sayfa 50 - Nor make a scruple to expose Your bandy leg, or crooked nose ; Can at her morning tea run o'er The scandal of the day before ; Improving hourly in her skill, To cheat and wrangle at quadrille.

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