The Teaching and History of Mathematics in the United States

Ön Kapak
U.S. Government Printing Office, 1890 - 400 sayfa

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Sayfa 90 - It is with no feeling of pride, as an American, that the remark may be made that, on the comparatively small territorial surface of Europe, there are existing upward of one hundred and thirty of these lighthouses of the skies; while throughout the whole American hemisphere there is not one.
Sayfa 39 - When we shall have existed as a people as long as the Greeks did before they produced a Homer, the Romans a Virgil, the French a Racine and Voltaire, the English a Shakespeare and Milton, should this reproach be still true, we will enquire from what unfriendly causes it has proceeded...
Sayfa 298 - If a straight line meet two straight lines, so as to make the two interior angles on the same side of it taken together less than two right angles...
Sayfa 188 - In trying to throw light upon an obscure explanation in our text-book, my brain took fire, I plunged with re-quickened zeal into a subject which I had for years abandoned, and found food for thoughts which have engaged my attention for a considerable time past, and will probably occupy all my powers of contemplation advantageously for several months to come.
Sayfa 105 - To the cherished and revered memory of my Master in Science, Nathaniel Bowditch, the father of American Geometry.
Sayfa 33 - Besides this, the faculties of the mind, like the members of the body, are strengthened and improved by exercise. Mathematical reasonings and deductions are therefore a fine preparation for investigating the abstruse speculations of the law.
Sayfa 10 - ARITHMETIC, in an easier | Way than any yet published; and how to qualify any Person for | Business, without the Help of a Master.
Sayfa 199 - Development of the Perturbative Function and its Derivative in Sines and Co-sines of the Eccentric Anomaly and in Powers of the Eccentricities and Inclinations.
Sayfa 18 - ... but it was not until the latter half of the seventeenth century that it was matured.
Sayfa 81 - The book was obtained. It was the first glance that he had ever had at algebra. "And that night," said he, " I did not close my eyes." He read it, and read it again, and mastered its contents, and copied it out from beginning to end. Subsequently he got hold of a volume of the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, which he treated pretty much in the same summary way, making a very full and minute abstract of all the mathematical papers contained in it; and this course he pursued...

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