Marriage, a Miracle of Completion: Learn, Practice & Pray Your Ways to a Successful Marital Lifestyle

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Do you aspire to make a success out of your marriage and a happier home? Do you pray for a satisfying relationship with your spouse, your children and your friends? Then you need to learn and practice the factor that can help your marriage succeed such as: Firm Foundation Commitment Forgiveness Teamwork Priorities Respect Being Reasonable Submission How do you break out of modernization lies of marriage and divorce that the devil is unleashing on families, and experience the full potential that God intends you to have? Marriage, a Miracle of Completion The answer lies in the ability and profound process to change the way you think about yourself, your marriage and help you to attain whats truly important. Your journey to a successful marital life begins with making the Word of God, the standard for your personal guidance to have a successful relationship. This book makes you aware of your responsibility as a husband or a wife to have a loving, peaceful and stress free environment to raise godly offspring. Marriage, a Miracle of Completion is a must book for every man or woman that wants to celebrate their marriage, protect and make it become a miracle of completion ordained by God. This book is a guide to improve your marital relationship for good and to help you experience success, joy and fulfillment. It is my sincere desire, hope, prayer and expectation that this book will bless your life and challenge you to focus in raising a successful marriage. You can live the good marital life you want, the marital life you were meant to lead. What are you waiting for? The major transformation you can make in your relationship starts with YOU.

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Why Revise Marriage a Miracle of Completion?
The End
What You Must Know About Marriage
The Marriage Institution
The True Meaning of Love
Illustration of the Difference Between a Man and a Woman
Divorce is an Abuse
All in the Family
Godly Offspring
Encouraging Your Children to Bring Out the Best in Them
Good Manners and True Education Begin At Home
Secrets of Keeping Your Fight Fair and Your Marriage Strong
Avoid Destructive Temptation
Marriage and Money
Marriage is a Blessing and a Privilege From God

Believe the Word of God and Not Your Situation
You are What You Watch
Choice of a Spouse
Speak the Language of Blessing of Peace
Factors that Will Help Your Marriage Succeed
Reasons Why Two People are Better Than One
Marriage Mentors
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Charles O. Soyoye. He lives in United Kingdom with his wife and 3 children. He is a marriage and family counselor.

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