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This bitter life so troubleth me of late
That even if I wished I could not tell
You, Ladies mine, how it doth fare with me;
So shamefully
Is life abased men murmur : Fare thee well '
Whenever they my pallid features see;
Only my Lady can divine my soul,
And at the last her grace will make me whole

O pitiful Song, go sadly on thy way
And find the matron and the maiden-throng
To which each sister-song
Of old was wont to carry happiness;
And thou who art the daughter of distress
Go mournfully and unto them belong!

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WISH, friend Guido, that I might with thee

And Lapo by a miracle alight Upon a vessel sailing out at sea Obedient to our will, the winds despite ; Then neither storm nor destiny unkind Would lead us on our journeying astray, Nay, rather would we crave, being of one mind, For ever in such company to stay.

I wish the good magician would consent To bring us monna Lagia there, no less Than monna Vanna and her who did win The thirtieth place ; our leisure would be spent Talking of love; they would rejoice therein And we, I doubt not, share their happiness.

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I donne io vidi una gentile schiera

quest' Ognissanti prossimo passato, e una ne venia quasi primiera, seco menando Amor dal destro lato. Dagli occhi suoi gittava una lumera, la qual pareva un spirito infiammato : e i' ebbi tanto ardir, che in la sua ciera guardando, vidi un angiol figurato.

A chi era degno poi dava salute con gli occhi suoi quella benigna e piana, empiendo il core a ciascun di vertute. Credo che in ciel nascesse esta soprana, e venne in terra per nostra salute : dunque beata chi l' è prossimana.


CIASCUN' alma presa e gentil core

nel nel cui cospetto ven lo dir presente, in ciò che mi rescrivan suo parvente, salute in lor segnor, cioè Amore. Già eran quasi che atterzate l' ore del tempo che onne stella n'è lucente, quando m' apparve Amor subitamente, cui essenza membrar mi dà orrore.

Allegro mi sembrava Amor tenendo meo core in mano, e ne le braccia avea madonna involta in un drappo dormendo ; poi la svegliava, e d'esto core ardendo lei paventosa umilmente pascea : appresso gir lo ne vedea piangendo.



PON this day which hath but lately sped,

Of all the saints, I saw a gracious band
Of maidens pass; one moved a pace

And she was leading Love by her right hand.
Forth from her eyes there issued such bright fire
As seemed to me a spirit wrapped in flame:
Seeking her face, emboldened by desire,
I knew an angel's features were the same.

And she, with kindness and calm courtesy,
Saluted them whom fortune did so bless,
Thus moving every heart to tenderness.
I trow that up in heaven a star was born
And came to comfort us on earth forlorn ;
Who tarrieth near to her, thrice happy he !


passionate soul and gentle heart I bring A greeting fair in Love, the master's name,

That peradventure happening on this thing
Each may discover meaning in the same.
It was in course of time the hour of three,
When every star in heaven doth shine most bright,
That Love appeared before me suddenly;
Even now remembering it I quake with fright.

Gleeful Love seemed, within his hand was laid
My heart, within his arms my Lady, she
Was folded in a mantle and was sleeping;
He wakened her and fed her sore afraid
Upon my burning heart most tenderly,
And then I saw him turn and go hence weeping.


IANGETE, amanti, poi che piange Amore,

udendo qual cagion lui fa plorare. Amor sente a pietà donne chiamare, mostrando amaro duol per li occhi fore, perchè villana morte in gentil core ha miso il suo crudele adoperare, guastando ciò che al mondo è da laudare in gentil donna sovra de l' onore.

Audite quanto Amor le fece orranza, ch' io 'l vidi lamentare in forma vera sovra la morta imagine avvenente ; e riguadava ver lo ciel sovente, ove l' alma gentil già locata era, che donna fu di si gaia sembianza.

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AVALCANDO l'altr'ier per un cammino,

pensoso de l' andar che mi sgradia, trovai Amore in mezzo de la via in abito leggier di peregrino. Ne la sembianza mi parea meschino, come avesse perduto segnoria ; e sospirando pensoso venia, per non veder la gente, a capo chino.

Quando mi vide, mi chiamò per nome, e disse: "Io vegno di lontana parte, overa lo tuo cor per mio volere ; e recolo a servir novo piacere.” Allora presi di lui sì gran parte, ch'elli disparve, e non m'accorsi come.

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LOVERS, weep, for Love is weeping too,

O listen to the reason for his cries,
He hath heard women clamoring for rue,
Their bitter sorrow gushing from their eyes,
For impious death hath worked his cruel will
On a sweet heart, and into nothing made
That which our highest praise doth merit still,
Save only good repute, in tender maid.

O hear how Love hath honoured her, mine eyes
Beheld his very self lamenting sore
Over the lovely face of her who died ;
Often he cast his glances to the skies,
Wherein the gentle spirit evermore
Of her who looked so gaily doth abide.

A Bec

s sullenly I rode the other day,

Because the journey did not like me best,
I found Love in the middle of the way,
And he was lightly as a pilgrim dressed.
In beggar-wise methought he seemed to go,
As if despoiled of his high majesty ;
All comers he avoided, head bent low,
And ever and anon sighed pensively.

Beholding me, he called upon my name,
Saying: “Lo, I am come out of the dim
Distance where bode thy heart through my decree
Which now I bear to serve another dame."
Then I became so wholly one with him,
He disappeared, and whence I could not see.

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