Water-cure for Ladies: A Popular Work on the Health, Diet, and Regimen of Females and Children, and the Prevention and Cure of Diseases : with a Full Account of the Processes of Water-cure, Illustrated with Various Cases

Ön Kapak
Wiley and Putnam, 1844 - 156 sayfa

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Sayfa 18 - And had suffered many things of many physicians, and had spent all that she had, and was nothing bettered but rather grew worse, 27 When she had heard of Jesus, came in the press behind, and touched his garment.
Sayfa 57 - Condiments, particularly those of the spicy kind, are non-essential to the process of digestion, in a healthy state of the system. They afford no nutrition. Though they may assist the action of a debilitated stomach for a time, their continual use never fails to produce an indirect debility of that organ. They affect it as alcohol or other stimulants do — the present relief afforded is at the expense of future Suffering.
Sayfa 33 - The nursery was soon entirely vacated, and the services of the nurse and physician no longer needed ; and, FOR MORE THAN TWO YEARS, NO CASE OF SICKNESS OR DEATH TOOK PLACE. In the succeeding twelve months there were three deaths, but they were new inmates, and diseased when they were received, and two of them were idiots.
Sayfa 35 - ... years that I have been engaged in this institution, not one pupil has died. Yet I am no physician. During the first ten years of my residence here, no physician entered my house ; and not till the number of my pupils was very much increased, and I grew anxious not to overlook any thing in regard to them, did I begin to seek at all for medical advice.
Sayfa 10 - Dissections daily convince us of our ignorance of disease, and cause us to blush at our prescriptions. What mischief have we done under the belief of false facts and false theories! We have assisted in multiplying diseases ; we have done more, we have increased their mortality.
Sayfa 75 - well known, also, that human blood formed from animal food, will putrefy when taken from the living vessels, in a much shorter time than that formed from pure vegetable aliment; and that there is always — other things being equal — a much greater febrile and putrescent tendency in the living bodies of those who subsist mostly on animal food, than in those who subsist wholly on pure vegetable aliment. Hence, if two healthy, robust men of the same age, — the one subsisting principally...
Sayfa 51 - ... beyond a certain point, death is the consequence. During my dental practice I have had an opportunity of observing the condition of those of my patrons who were in the habit of drinking strong tea, and I have found that such persons have weak, irritable, and sensitive nerves. This led me to make some experiments, the result of which I now present to the public. I took a pound of young hyson tea, and after steeping it in soft water, bolied it down to half a pint. I then procured a rabbit, of about...
Sayfa 10 - I am here incessantly led to make an apology for the instability of the theories and practice of physic, and those physicians generally become the most eminent who have the soonest emancipated themselves from the tyranny of the schools of physic. Dissections daily convince us of our ignorance of disease, and cause us to blush at our prescriptions.
Sayfa 58 - Simple water is, perhaps, the only fluid that is called for by the wants of the economy. The artificial drinks are probably all more or less injurious ; some more so than others ; but none can claim exemption from the general charge. Even coffee and tea, the common beverages of all classes of people, have a tendency to debilitate the digestive organs.

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