Gaby Brimmer: An Autobiography in Three Voices

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UPNE, 2009 - Всего страниц: 200
Gabriela Brimmer (1947-2000), born with cerebral palsy, communicated largely by typing with her left foot on an electric typewriter, and by using that foot to point at letters and numbers on an "alphabet board" at the base of her wheelchair. Raised by her mother, Sari, and Mexican caregiver Florencia Morales Sánchez, Gaby gained admission to Mexico City public schools, attended the prestigious National Autonomous University of Mexico, and became a key figure in launching Mexico's disability rights movement. With the text structured by renowned writer Elena Poniatowska to alternate Gaby's voice with those of her mother and Florencia, this volume is both the memoir of an extraordinary woman and a unique and imaginative form of autobiographical writing.

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I received my copy of Gaby Brimmer: An Autobiography in Three Voices through LibraryThing’s Early Reviewer’s program. This book was originally published in Mexico in 1979. This edition marks its ... Читать весь отзыв

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The overused word "inspirational" has to come into play here. This Mexican woman was damaged by the Rh factor incompatibility of her parents. Her mobility was almost non-existent. She wrote with her ... Читать весь отзыв



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ELENA PONIATOWSKA is one of Mexico's foremost writers. TRUDY BALCH, who translated the original volume from the Spanish, is a writer, editor, and Spanish- and Ladino-to-English translator. JUDITH E. HEUMANN and JORGE PINEDA are longtime disability-rights experts and activists; LAURI UMANSKY is professor of history at Suffolk University and co-editor of The New Disability History: American Perspectives; and historian AVITAL BLOCH is research professor and director of the Center for Social Research, University of Colima, Mexico.

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