The history of Rome, in easy lessons

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Sayfa 136 - how is it possible that people possessed of such magnificence at home could think of envying Caractacus an humble cottage in Britain...
Sayfa 178 - Alans, in Gascoigne and Spain ; the Vandals, in Africa ; the Franks, in France ; the Burgundi, in Burgundy ; the Heruli and Thuringi, in Italy ; the Saxons and Angles, in Britain; the Huns, in Hungary; and the Lombards on the banks of the Danube, and afterwards in Italy. Mede says, they stood thus; in AD 458, (he Britons, the Saxons, both In Britain ; the Franks, the Burgundians; the Visogoths, the Suevi, and \luna, the Vandals, the Alemans, in Germany; the Ostrogoth...
Sayfa 12 - Janus was remarkable for its two brazen gates, one on each side ; which were to be open in time of war, and shut in time of peace.
Sayfa 72 - it would be as easy to turn the sun from its course, as thee from the path of honour.
Sayfa 121 - Being at length entered the senate-house, where the conspirators were prepared to receive him, he met one Spurina, an augur, who had foretold his danger, to whom he said, smiling, " Well, " Spurina, the ides of March are come." " Yes," replied the augur,

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