La critica moderna

Ön Kapak
N. Zanichelli, 1880 - 338 sayfa

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Sayfa 36 - The corollary here drawn from the general argument is that the human brain is an organized register of infinitely numerous experiences received during the evolution of life, or rather, during the evolution of that series of organisms through which the human organism has been reached. The effects of the most uniform and frequent of these experiences have been successively bequeathed, principal and interest ; and have slowly...
Sayfa 38 - It is not for nothing that he has in him these sympathies with some principles and repugnance to others. He, with all his capacities, and aspirations, and beliefs, is not an accident, but a product of the time.
Sayfa 43 - ... the most important surrounding conditions depend on the social state which the prevalent desires have produced. The social state at any time existing is the resultant of all the ambitions, self-interests, fears, reverences, indignations, sympathies, etc., of ancestral citizens and existing citizens. The ideas current in this social state must on the average be congruous with the feelings of citizens ; and therefore, on the average, with the social state these feelings have produced. Ideas wholly...
Sayfa 38 - Let him duly realize the fact, that opinion is the agency through which character adapts external arrangements to itself, — that his opinion rightly forms part of this agency, — is a unit of force, constituting, with other such units, the general power which works out social changes, — and he will perceive that he may properly give full utterance to his innermost conviction, leaving it to produce what effect it may.
Sayfa 65 - ... able to combine and work together in accordance with their ultimate conditions. The conception of these ultimate conditions and of their relations to one another involves some more vital agency than that of blind chance or an iron fatalism.1 The 'foedera natural' are opposed to the
Sayfa 156 - ... qui relie encore aujourd'hui tous ses rejetons. Si différents qu'ils soient, leur parenté n'est pas détruite; la sauvagerie, la culture et la greffe, les différences de ciel et de sol, les accidents heureux ou malheureux ont eu beau travailler; les grands traits de la forme originelle ont subsisté, et l'on retrouve les deux ou trois linéaments principaux de l'empreinte primitive sous les empreintes secondaires que le temps a posées pardessus. Rien d'étonnant dans cette ténacité extraordinaire.
Sayfa 114 - ... that are antecedent to, and independent of, individual experiences; and that are automatically disclosed along with the first cognitions. And, as here understood, it is not only these fundamental relations which are thus pre-determined ; but also hosts of other relations of a more or less constant kind, which are congenitally represented by more or less complete nervous connexions.
Sayfa 37 - Whoever hesitates to utter that which he thinks the highest truth, lest it should be too much in advance of the time, may reassure himself by looking at his acts from an impersonal point of view.
Sayfa 36 - We have here the continuous force which binds age to age, which enables each to begin with some improvement on the last, if the last did itself improve; which makes each civilization not a set of detached dots, but a line of color, surely enhancing shade by shade.
Sayfa 43 - ... average, with the social state these feelings have produced. Ideas wholly foreign to this social state cannot be evolved, and if introduced from without, cannot get accepted - or, if accepted, die out when the temporary phase of feeling which caused their acceptance, ends.

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