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5. That the service of the Lord Christ is both safe and honour.



6. Great is the spiritual and eternal security of them that truly

believe in Christ,


1. All pre-eminence and exaltation of one above others, depends

on the supreme council and will of God,



1. Every thing in Scripture is instructive,


2. It is lawful to draw consequences from the assertions of Scrip-

ture, and such consequences, rightly deduced, are infallibly true,

and de fide,


3. The declaration of Christ to be the Son of God, is the care and

work of the Father,



1. That the authority of God speaking in the Scripture, is that

alone which divine faith rests upon, and is to be resolved into, 176

2. That for the begetting, increasing, and strengthening of faith,

it is useful to have important fundamental truths confirmed by

many testimonies of Scripture,


3. The whole creation of God hath a great concern in God's

bringing forth Christ into the world, and in his exaltation in his



4. The command of God is the ground and reason of all religious



5. That the Mediator of the new covenant is in his own person

God blessed for ever, to whom divine or religious worship is due

from the angels themselves,


6. The Father, upon the account of the work of Christ in the

world, and his kingdom that ensued on it, gives a new command-

ment unto the angels to worship him, his glory being greatly

concerned therein,


7. Great is the church's security and honour, when the Head of

it is worshipped by all the angels in heaven,


8. It can be no duty of the saints of the New Testament to wor-

ship angels, who are their fellow-servants in the worship of Jesus



1. Our conceptions of the angels, their nature, office and work, is

to be regulated by the Scripture,


2. That the glory, honour and exaltation of the angels, lies in

their subserviency to the providence of God,


VERSES 8, 9.

1. The conferring and comparing of Scriptures, is an excellent

means of coming to an acquaintance with the mind and will of

God in them,


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in the things of the worship of God, it is made subject unto,

and immediately depends upon the Lord Jesus Christ, and not

on any other, angels or men,

k. That the Lord Christ is our head,




Page 2. That he is our only head,

346 VERSES 6-9. 1. The consideration of the infinitely glorious excellencies of the

nature of God manifesting themselves in his works, doth greatly set out his condescension and grace, in his regard and respect to mankind,

360 1. The respect, care, love and grace of God unto mankind

expressed in the person and mediation of Jesus Christ, is a matter of singular and eternal admiration,

393 2. "That such was the inconceivable love of Jesus Christ the Son of

God unto the souls of men, that he was free and willing to con

descend unto any condition for their good and salvation, 387 3. The blessed issue of the abasement of Jesus Christ, in his exal.

tation unto honour and glory, is an assured pledge of the final glory and blessedness of all that believe in him, whatever diffi

culties and dangers they may be exercised withal in the way, 391 4. Jesus Christ as the Mediator of the new covenant, hath abso.

lute and supreme authority given unto him, over all the works of God in heaven and earth,

ib. 5. The Lord Jesus Christ is the only Lord of the gospel state of

the church, called under the Old Testament the world to come, ib. 6. The Lord Jesus Christ in his death did undergo the penal sen

tence of the law, in the room and stead of them for whom he died,

ib, VERSE 10. 1. That the whole work of saving the sons of God from first to

last, their guidance and conduct through sins and sufferings unto glory, is committed unto the Lord Jesus,

404 2. That the Lord Jesus Christ being priest, sacrifice and altar him

self, the offering whereby he was consecrated unto the perfection and complement of his office, was of necessity to be part of that work which, as our priest and mediator he was to undergo and perform,

415 3. The Lord Christ being consecrated and perfected through suf

ferings, hath consecrated the way of sufferings, for all that follow him to pass through unto glory,

ib. 4. Such is the desert of sin, and such is the immutability of the

justice of God, that there was no way possible to bring sinners unto glory, but by the death and sufferings of the Son of God, who undertook to be the captain of their salvation,

420 VERSES 11-13. 1. That all the children that are to be brought unto glory, antece

dently unlo their relation unto the Lord Christ, are polluted, defiled, separate from God,

433 2. That the Lord Christ is the great sanctifier of the Church. He

as the Captain of salvation, sanctifies every son whom he brings to glory,

434 3. The agreement of Christ and the elect in one common nature,

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