The Poetical Works of Jonathan Swift, 1. cilt

Ön Kapak
W. Pickering, 1833

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Sayfa cvii - ... the peruser of Swift wants little previous knowledge ; it will be sufficient that he is acquainted with common words and common things : he is neither required to mount elevations, nor to explore profundities ; his passage is always on a level, along solid ground, without asperities, without obstruction.
Sayfa xc - So soon as that spare Cassius. He reads much; He is a great observer, and he looks Quite through the deeds of men: he loves no plays, As thou dost, Antony; he hears no music: Seldom he smiles, and smiles in such a sort As if he mock'd himself, and scorn'd his spirit That could be mov'd to smile at any thing.
Sayfa lxxiii - ... when she writes to him, then in Ireland, "If you are very happy, it is ill-natured of you not to tell me so except 'tis what is inconsistent with mine.
Sayfa 94 - While rain depends, the pensive cat gives o'er Her frolics, and pursues her tail no more. Returning home at night, you'll find the sink Strike your offended sense with double stink. If you be wise, then go not far to dine : You'll spend in coach-hire more than save in wine. A coming shower your shooting corns presage, Old a-ches throb, your hollow tooth will rage; 10 Saunt'ring in coffeehouse is Dulman seen; He damns the climate, and complains of spleen.
Sayfa 53 - So I went to the party suspected, and I found her full of grief; (Now you must know, of all things in the world, I hate a thief). However, I was resolv'd to bring the discourse slily about, Mrs Dukes...
Sayfa 93 - Till drown'd in shriller notes of chimney-sweep: Duns at his lordship's gate began to meet; And brickdust Moll had screamed through half the street. The turnkey now his flock returning sees, Duly let out a-nights to steal for fees: The watchful bailiffs take their silent stands, And schoolboys lag with satchels in their hands.
Sayfa lxxii - ... correspondent. He was the son of Mrs Vanhomrigh's gardener, and used to work with his father in the garden when a boy. He remembered the unfortunate Vanessa well, and his account of her corresponded with the usual description of her person, especially as to her embonpoint. He said she went seldom abroad, and saw little company -: her constant amusement was reading, or walking in the garden.
Sayfa lxxxvii - I have been very miserable all night, and to-day extremely deaf and full of pain. I am so stupid and confounded, that I cannot express the mortification I am under both in body and mind. All I can say is, that I am not in torture ; but I daily and hourly expect it. Pray let me know how your health is, and your family. I hardly understand one word I write. I am sure my days will be very few ; few and miserable they must be.
Sayfa 81 - IN ancient times, as story tells, The saints would often leave their cells, And stroll about but hide their quality To try good people's hospitality. It happen'd on a winter night, As authors of the legend write, Two brother hermits, saints by trade, Taking their tour in masquerade, Disguis'd in tatter'd habits, went To a small village down in Kent; Where, in the strollers...
Sayfa xlvii - I have taken more pains to recommend the Whig wits to the favour and mercy of the ministers than any other people. Steele I have kept in his place. Congreve I have got to be used kindly, and secured. Rowe I have recommended, and got a promise of a place.

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