How to Be Your Best When You Feel Your Worst

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Penguin, 2008 - 298 sayfa
The inspiring message of faith from a man who learned firsthand how to be his best when life knocked him down.

Casey Treat is living proof of what the power of prayer and personal dedication to change can do. At nineteen, he entered a Christian-based drug rehabilitation center where he made a vow to get his life back on track. The following year he was winning his battle with drug addiction and preparing for a lifetime of ministry. Pastor Treat also triumphed in his personal battle with hepatitis C, a disease he contracted as a teen that lay dormant for twenty-five years. After enduring eleven months of excruciating chemotherapy treatment, he was cured. He went on to climb Mt. Rainer for the third time and continues to build one of the largest churches in the Pacific Northwest.

In this powerful, inspiring book, Pastor Treat shows readers how they too can overcome any physical, mental, or spiritual challenge by placing their plans in God's hands. For in the midst of the toughest times, miracles can-and do-happen.

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Great book

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While the review may seem biased since I have been an acitve member of Casey's chuch for 8 years now as well as knowing both Casey and Wendy since they were youth pastors since I grew up in the same ... Tam incelemeyi okuyun


Let the Truth Be known
You Can Change Your World
Wheres Your Focus?
Getting Your Mind and Life Right
A New Family Heritage
Love Yourself and Your Neighbor
Birthplace of Your Future
Whats Your Vision?
Overcoming Your Fears Limitations and Insecurities
Growing Your Faith
Using Your Spiritual Force
Using All Your Resources
Run to Win
Champions Endure
Jesus DID SO Can YOU
Note to My Friends

Believing You Can Because God Says You Can

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Casey Treat is founder and senior pastor of the Christian Faith Center, one of the largest churches in the Pacific Northwest, and founder and president of Vision Ministers Fellowship. Treat reaches millions through his television program, Living on Course. He lives in Washington with his wife Wendy and three children.

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