3D Research Challenges in Cultural Heritage: A Roadmap in Digital Heritage Preservation

Ön Kapak
Marinos Ioannides, Ewald Quak
Springer, 15 Eyl 2014 - 143 sayfa
This book contains selected contributions from some of the most renowned researchers in the field of Digital Heritage and 3D representation of the Past, based in large part on invited presentations from the workshop “Computational Geometry and Ontologies for Cultural Heritage 3D Digital Libraries: What are the future alternatives for Europeana?” which was held in conjunction with the International Conference on Cultural Heritage EuroMed2012 (www.euromed2012.eu) on the island of Cyprus in October 2012. This was the official event of the Cyprus Presidency of the Council of the European Union on Progress in Cultural Heritage Preservation. The aim of this book is to provide an insight to ongoing research and future directions in this novel, continuously very promising and multi-disciplinary evolving field, which lies at the intersection of digital heritage, engineering, computer science, mathematics, material science, architecture, civil engineering and archaeology.

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The Potential of 3D Internet in the Cultural HeritageDomain
Web and Mobile Visualization for Cultural Heritage
Open Issues on 3DReconstruction of Architectural Elements
3D Shape Analysis for Archaeology
Potentials and Issues
Geometric Issues in Reconstruction of Virtual HeritageInvolving Large Populations
Lessons from the Film Industry for 3D Libraries
Reusing Multimedia Content for the Creationof Interactive Experiences in Cultural Institutions
PreservationAccessibility Research and Education
3D Reconstruction from 3D Cultural Heritage Models
Author Index
Telif Hakkı

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