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against them. I said I knew none of them but what were all bloody butchers together. And when the assize were set in a place by themselves, I said to them, “Now, beware what ye are doing; for they have nothing to say against me, but only for owning Jesus Christ and His persecuted truths; for ye will get my blood upon your heads.' So that man that fell on trembling before, desired them to read my confession to him, and they read it.

“And after that the Advocate had a discourse to them, and said, Ye know these women are guilty of treason.' The assize said, • They are not guilty of matters of fact.' He said, “But treason is fact,' and taking [i.e., correcting) himself again, he said, 'It is true, it is but treason in their judgment; but go on according to our law, and if ye will not do it, I will proceed.' And when they had read my confession, they had 'set down that I had said, The ministers had taught me these principles. I said, “That is a lie, and it is like the rest of your lies ;' so I said, that it was Christ by His Word that taught me. They answered nothing to that, but said, Would I own the rest of my confession ? I answered, Yes.

“ The Advocate said, “We do not desire to take their lives; for we have dealt with them many ways, and sent ministers to deal with them, and we cannot prevail with them.' I said, 'We are not concerned with you and your ministers.' '

“ The Advocate said, 'It is not for religion, that we are pursuing you; but for treason. I answered, 'It is for religion that ye are pursuing me ; for I am of the same religion that ye are all sworn to be of; but ye are all gone blind. I am a true Presbyterian in my judgment.'

“So they put the assize into a room by themselves, and removed me without the guard into another room ; then they read the delay till Friday at twelve of the clock. And I charged them before the tribunal of God, as they should answer there ; for, said I, ‘ye have nothing to say to me, but for my owning the persecuted Gospel.'



“CHRISTIAN FRIENDS AND ACQUAINTANCES, I being to lay down my life on Wednesday next, January 26, 1681, I thought fit to let it be known to the world wherefore I lay down my life, and to let it be seen

that I die not as a fool or as an evil-doer, or as a busybody in other men's matters; no, it is for adhering to the truths of

Christ, and avowing Him to be King in Zion, and head of His Church ; and the testimony against the ungodly laws of men ; and their robbing Christ of His rights, and usurping His prerogative royal, which I durst not but testify against; and I bless His holy name, that ever He called me to bear witness against the sins of the times, and the defections of upsitten [i.e., callous) ministers and professors.

"1. I adhere to the holy and sweet Scriptures of God, which have been my rule in all I have done, in which my soul has been refreshed.

"2. I adhere to the Confession of Faith, because agreeable to the Scriptures.

“ 3. I adhere to the Larger and Shorter Catechisms.

“4. I adhere to the Covenants, National and Solemn League, and the work of Reformation.

5. I adhere to all the faithful testimonies which have been left by our faithful ministers of Jesus Christ, either on scaffolds or fields.

“6. I adhere to the papers found at the Queensferry, on Henry Hall.

7. I adhere to the Declaration at Sanquhar, and the testimony at Rutherglen, and the papers found on worthy Mr Richard Cameron.

“8. I adhere to the Excommunication at the Torwood.

9. I adhere to the excommunication of the bishops and their underlings [The bishops were deposed and excommunicated by the General Assembly, at Glasgow, session 20, December 13, 1638.Ed.); and I die in the faith of it, that the Lord hath ratified that in heaven, which His faithful servants have done on earth, as to the casting out these traitors to God out of the Church.

“And now I desire to bless the Lord for my lot.

My lot is fallen to me in pleasant places, and I have a goodly heritage.

“ I leave my blood upon the traitor that sits upon the throne; then on James, Duke of York, who was sitting in the Council when I was examined the first day. And I leave my blood on the bloody crew that call themselves rulers. And I leave it on James Henderson in the North Ferry, who was the Judas that sold Archibald Stewart and Mr Skene, and me, to the bloody soldiers for so much money. I leave my blood on Sergeant Warrock, who took me, and brought me to prison. I leave my blood on the Criminal Lords, as they call themselves, and especially that excommunicate tyrant George Mackenzie, the Advocate, and the fifteen assizers, and on Andrew Cunningham that gave me my doom; and on that excommunicate traitor Thomas Dalziel, who was porter that day that I was first before them, and threatened me with the Boots.*

“I give my testimony against the burning of the Covenants, which were solemnly sworn by the three nations with uplifted hands to the great God of heaven and earth. I leave my testimony against all the bloodshed and massacres of the Lord's people, either on scaffolds or in the fields. I protest against banishings and finings, and cruel murderings, especially the inhuman murder of worthy David Hackston. I leave my testimony against the paying of the cess, employed for the bearing down the preaching of the Gospel, and the taking and killing the poor followers of Jesus Christ. I leave

I leave my testimony against the professors that say this is not the truth of God for which I suffer, and call the way of God delusion.

“I leave my testimony against Mr Archibald Riddell, who became servant to the bloody lords, and made it his work to make me deny Christ, and betake myself to the ungodly laws of men, and to call the truths of God delusions, which I am to seal with my blood; and I rejoice that ever He counted me worthy so to do. Oh! I may say, What am I, or what is my father's house, that He should have called me out to seal His truths with my blood ?—which truths, both ministers and professors have counted prudence to disown and deny; for which the land will be made to mourn, and sorely to smart ere all be done. I leave my testimony against Mr John Blair, that said I had no more grace than his staff had, and was witness to my sentence that day I got it; and his wife, that said I had no more grace nor [i.c., than] her old shoes, as if grace were not free, and as though Christ had not enough to give me. I leave my testimony against both ministers and professors that have joined themselves in any of these courses of defection with the enemies, and are fast in their camps.

* Understand this paragraph with the caution, given page 95.

"I leave my testimony against Popery, Prelacy, Quakerism, and Indulgency, and desire to mourn for it that ever I joined with them in hearing them, or any of those that connive at them. I leave my testimony against all Jesuitical principles, although our professors say that I adhere to them; I deny it; and I take God to be my witness that I hate all opinions that are contrary to the sound truths of God. And since ever God called me to follow His persecuted Gospel, it was still my desire to stick close by Him, and the rule He has set down for poor sinners to walk by; and it was always my rejoicing to serve Him, and to act and do for His truth, and to vindicate it. And many a sore heart I have had with them, in vindicating His truths, when they have been denying them, and casting dirt in the faces of faithful witnesses of Jesus Christ; and I desire all these that are endeavouring to contend for Christ and His truths, that they would be faithful in their witnessing for Him, and eschew the least appearance of sin. For I, a dying witness of Christ, obtest you, as you will answer when ye stand before Him in the day of your appearance, that ye be faithful in owning Him in all His truths, and not yield a hoof to these ungodly, perjured, bloody and excommunicate traitors and tyrants; for there is much advantage to be had in faithfulness for Christ, and that I may set to my seal to the truth of. And I think Christ is taking a narrow [i.e., close] view of His followers at this time; for there are few that yield a hairbreadth of the truths of God that readily win [i.e., get] to their feet again, but go from one degree of defection to another.

"And again, I desire to bless and magnify the Lord for my lot, and may say, He hath brought me to the wilderness to allure me there, and speak comfortably to my soul. It was but little of Him I knew when I came to prison; but now He has said to me, because He lives, I shall live also; and He has told me, 'I am He, that hath blotted out thine iniquity for my own name's sake.' Kind has He been to me since He brought me out to witness for Him. I have never sought anything from Him that was for His glory, since I came to prison, but He granted me my desire. For the most part, I have found Him in everything that hath come in my way, ordering it Himself for His own glory. And now I bless Him that thoughts of down my

death are not terrible to me. He hath made me as willing to lay

life for Him as ever I was willing to live in the world. “And now, ye that are His witnesses, be not afraid to adventure upon the cross of Christ, for His yoke is easy and His burden is light. For many times I have been made to think strange what makes folk cast at [i.e., object to the cross of Christ, that has been so light to me that I found no burden of it at all ; He bore me and it both. Now, let not the frowns of men and their flatteries put you from your duty. Keep up your societies and the assembling of yourselves together, for there is much profit to be found in it. Many times hath it been found comfortable to me to hear of the few in Scotland in which Christ was delighting; and that there was much love to God's glory and zeal for His honour amongst them.

“Now, be humble and lie in the dust, and never give over crying in behalf of the Church, which is so small that it can scarcely be discerned, and never give over till He appear, for I think He is near at hand. Oh! watch, and double your diligence, and hold fast till He come, and let none take your crown, for He is good to the soul that seeks Him. If I were to live again, I would let that perjured crew see that I should be more guilty of that which they call rebellion, in serving my lovely King, and in acting and doing for Him and His glory, if He called me to it; and it is my grief that I have not been more faithful for my master Christ. All His dealings with me have been in love and in mercy. His corrections have been all in love and free grace. Oh! free love! Oh! I am oft made to wonder what it was that made Him take a blasphemer to witness for Him and His truths. I may say, I am a brand plucked out of the fire ; I am a limb of the devil plucked out from his fireside. Oh! I am made to wonder and admire at His condescending love.

“Now I leave my testimony against Jean Forrest, for saying that I was going to the grave with a lie in my right hand, and charging my blood on my own head. Oh! my friends, come out from among them, and touch not the unclean thing. It will never be well till there be a separation from sin. I bless the Lord that ever I heard Mr Cargill, that faithful servant of Jesus Christ; I bless the Lord that ever I heard Mr Richard Cameron; my soul has been refreshed with the hearing of him, particularly at a communion in Carrick, on those words in Psalm lxxxv. ver. 8: “The Lord will speak peace to His saints and people, but let them not return to folly.'

“Now, I leave my testimony against all the backsliding ministers,

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