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ANNO 1678.- To Virginia 60, whereof three or four were

ministers, who were all by the mercy of God delivered at

London. [In May 1678, a conventicle was held at Williamwood, in the parish of Cathcart, Renfrewshire. John Campbell of Sorn, Matthew Crawford of Eastwood, and some others not mentioned, preached. An alarm was given which dispersed the meeting. Several of the ministers escaped, but the dragoons pursued the people that had been assembled, and about seventy were taken prisoners to Glasgow. Among others were the well-known Alexander Peden, Robert Meikle, chaplain to Sir James Stewart, and Adam Abercorn, chaplain. After a few days' confinement they were taken to Edinburgh. On May 28th, and June 13th, the Council banished them to his majesty's plantations in the Indies, and Ralph Williamson of London gave security that he would transport them and sell them to the best advantage. They lay in prison till December, when a warrant was given to deliver them to Edward Johnston, captain of the St Michael of Scarborough, lying at Leith. Their names, amounting to sixty-seven, are given in Wodrow. The passage between Leith and Gravesend was five days longer than Williamson had expected, and when the ship arrived he was not to be found. The captain waited for some time, and as provisions ran short, and Williamson did not appear, he set them ashore and left them to shift for themselves. Wodrow says that the country people were very kind to them when they knew the cause of their sufferings, and they generally got home safe after they had been absent from their homes about nine months. Wodrow also gives, under the same year 1678, the sentence of banishment passed upon William Temple, James Miller in Kirkcaldy, David Barclay, Robert Marnock, and seven or eight more; John Harroway, Alexander Buchanan in Bucklyvie, and three or four others there ; Andrew Buchanan in Shargarton, and three more tenants there; Thomas and William Govans, and nine others.--ED.)

NNO 1679.--Of the prisoners taken at Bothwell were banished

to America, 250 (rather 257. See fuller account in prefatory

note to the testimony of John Malcolm, p. 66), who were taken away by (William) Paterson, merchant in Leith, who transacted for them with Provost Milns, laird of Barnton (and bailie or provost of Linlithgow), the man that first burned the Covenant : whereof

two hundred were drowned by shipwreck at a place called the Moul Head of Deerness, in Orkney, being shut up by the said Paterson's order beneath the hatches; fifty only escaped. The names, so many of them as could be had, follow; those who escaped being marked with a star for distinction's sake. Out of the shire of CLYDESDALE : City of Glasgow, Francis Wodrow, Walter M'Kechnie, Alex

ander Pirie, William Miller.
Parish of Govan, Andrew Snodgrass.
Parish of Kilbride, Robert Auld, John Struthers, James Clark,

John Clark, William Rodger.
Parish of Shotts, Peter Lermont, Robert Russel, John Aitkin,

bert Chalmers, John Thomson,* John Killen, Alexander
Parish of Cambusnethan, William Scular.*
The Monklands, William Waddel,* William Grinlaw, Thomas

Mathie, William Miller, John Wynet, James Waddel, John

Gardner,* Thomas Barton,
Parish of Bothwell, — More,* William Breakenrig.
Parish of Evandale, John Cairnduff, John Cochran, Robert

Alison, Andrew Torrence, Thomas Brownlee, John Watson,

William Alison, Andrew Aiton.
Parish of Cadder, William Fram.*
Parish of Glassford, John Miller, John Craig.
Parish of Carnwath, Thomas Crighton, James Couper.
Parish of Quathquan, James Penman,* James Thomson,

Thomas Wilson.
Parish of Carstairs, Thomas Swan.*
Parish of Biggar, John Rankin.
Parish of Lesmahagow, George Weir, Robert Weir, George

Drafin,* [after his escape he was conveyed to America.--Ed.]
Out of the shire of Ayr:
Parish of Fenwick, James Gray, Andrew Buckle, David Currie,

David Bitchet, Robert Tod, John White, Robert Wallace,*

John Wylie, William Bitchet.
Parish of Loudon, Thomas Wylie.
Parish of Dalmellington, Hugh Simpson, Walter Humper,

Walter Humper, younger,* Hugh Cameron,* Quintin

Parish of Cumnock, John Gemill, James Mirrie.


Parish of Ochiltree, Andrew Welsh.
Parish of Auchinleck, Andrew Richmond.
Dundonald, Andrew Thomson.*
Mauchline, William Reid, William Drips.
Parish of Muirkirk, John Campbell, Alexander Paterson.
Parish of Digen [i.e., Dreghorn), James Bouston.
Parish of Galston, James Young, George Campbell.
Parish of Kilmarnock, Thomas Finlay, John Cuthbertson,

William Brown, Patrick Watt,* Robert Anderson, James

Anderson. Parish of Stewarton, Thos. Wylie, Andrew Wylie, Robt. Wylie. Parish of Barr, Alexander Burden. Parish of Colmonell, Thomas M'Lurg, John M'Cornock, John

M'Lellan. Parish of Girvan, William Caldwell. Parish of Dalry, David M'Cubbin, William M'Culloch. Parish of Maybole, William Rodger, Mungo Eccles, John

M'Whirter, Thomas Horn, Robert M'Garron, John M'Harie. Parish of Craigie, George Dunbar.* Parish of Straiton, James M‘Murrie, Alexander Lamb, George

Parish of Kirkmichael, John Brice, Robert Ramsay, John

Douglass, John M'Tire, James M'Connel.
Parish of Kirkoswald, John White, Thomas Germont.
Out of the shire of Fife:

Parish of Newburn, James Beal.
Parish of Largo and Kilconquhar, Andrew Prie, James Kirk.
Parish of Ceres, John Kirk, Thomas Miller.*

Parish of Strathmiglo, Robert Boog.
Out of the shire of Kinross]:

Town of Kinross, James Lilburn.

Parish of Orwell, Robert Kirk,* Robert Sands.*
Out of the shire of Perth :

Parish of Kilmadock, John Christison.
Parish of Kincardine, Patrick Keir, John Donaldson.

Parish of Glendevon, John Murie and Andrew Murie.
Out of the shire of BARONTHROW [i.e., RENFREW]:

Parish of Eastwood, James Cunningham.
Parish of Neilston, John Govan.
Paisley, William Buchan, William Auchinclose.

Out of the shire of LENNOX [i.e., Dumbarton] :

Parish of New Kilpatrick, James Finlayson.
Out of the shire of STIRLING:

Parish of Drummond, Daniel Cunningham.
Parish of Kippen, James Galbraith.
Gargunnock, Thomas Miller, Patrick Gilchrist, James Sands,*

Thomas Brown, James Buchanan.
Parish of St Ninian's, Thomas Thomson,* Andrew Thomson, *

John Neilson, John M'Nure.
Parish of Denny, James M'Kie.
Parish of Airth, Andrew Young, John Morison, Robert

Parish of Falkirk, Hugh Montgomerie.*

Muiravonside, Thomas Phalp.
Out of the shire of West LOTHIAN :
Parish of Torphichen, John Allan, John Thomson, John

Pender,* James Easton, John Easton,* Andrew Easton,

John Addie, Alexander Bishop. Dalmeny, John Thomson. Livingston, Thomas Inglis, Patrick Hamilton, John Bell,

Patrick Wilson, William Younger, William Henderson, John

Parish of Kirkliston, John Govan.
Bathgate, David Ralton.
Parish of Abercorn, John Gib, James Gib.
Parish of Linlithgow, Thomas Borthwick.

Parish of Kinneil [now Borrowstounness), Andrew Murdoch.
Out of the shire of Mid-LOTHIAN :
Parish of Calder, James Steel, Thomas Gilchrist, James Graze,

John Russel.
Mid-Calder, John Brown, Alexander Mutray.
East Calder, David Samuel,* Alexander Bissit.
Parish of Stow, Thomas Pringle.
Parish of Temple, James Tinto.
Parish of Liberton, Thomas Mackenzie.*
Parish of Crichton, James Fork.
Parish of Cranston, Thomas Williamson.

Musselburgh, William Reid.
Out of the shire of East LOTHIAN :

Parish of Dunbar, James Tod.


Out of the shire of NITHSDALE :
Parish of Glencairn, David Mackervail, John Ferguson, Robert

Milligan, John Milligan,* John Murdoch,* John Smith,*

William Ferguson,* James Colvil, Thomas Rosper. Parish of Closeburn, Thomas Milligan, John Kennedy. Out of the shire of GALLOWAY : Parish of Kirkcudbright, James Corson, Andrew M'Quhan,*

John M‘Bratney,* John M'Gie.* [Wodrow gives an extract from a letter of James Corson, dated Leith Roads, in which he says that all the trouble they met with since Bothwell was not to be compared to one day in their present circumstances, that their uneasiness was beyond words, yet, that the consolations of God overbalanced all; and expresses his hope that they are near their port, and that heaven is

open for them.--Ed.) Parish of Balmaghie, Robert Caldow,* Jarnes Houston. Parish of Kelton, James Donaldson. Parish of Kirkmabreck, Robert Brown, Samuel Beck, Samuel

Hannay. Parish of Penninghame, John M'Tagart, Alexander Murray.* Parish of Borgue, Andrew Sprot, Robert Bryce, John Richard

son,* John Martine, * John Brice, William Thomson. Parish of Girthon, Andrew Donaldson. Parish of Dalry, John Smith, * John Malcolm.*

“Dying Testimony," p. 66. Irongray, Andrew Wallet. Balmaclellan, John Edgar.* Lochrutton, Andrew Clark. * Ettrick Forest, John Scot.

Parish of Galashiels, Robert Macgill,* Robert Young. Out of the shires of MERSE and TEVIOTDALEParish of Nethan [i.e., Nenthorn), Samuel Nisbet, John Deans,

James Aitchison.* Parish of Cavers, James Leydon,* John Glasgow,* William

Glasgow,* John Greenshields, Richard Young, Samuel

Douglas, James Young,* James Hopkirk.
Kelso, William Hardie.
Jedburgh, John Mather.
Parish of Ancrum, George Rutherford.
Parish of Sprouston, Walter Waddel and Thomas Cairns.

[See his

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