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Ros. Why theu, to-morrow I cannot serve your turn for Rosalind?

Ori. I can live no longer by thinking.

Ros. I will weary you no longer then with idle talking. Kuow of me then (for now I speak to some purpose), that I know you are a gentleman of good conceit: I speak not this, that you should bear a good opinion of my knowledge, insomuch, I say, I know you are; neither do I labour for a greater esteem than may in some little measure draw a be. lief from you, to do yourself good, and not to grace

Believe then, if you please, that I can do strange things: I have, since I was three years old, conversed with a magician, most profound in this art, and yet not dampable. If you do love Rosa lind so near the heart as your gesture cries it out, when your brother marries Aliena, sball you marry her: I know into what straits of fortune she is driven; and it is not impossible to me, if it appear not inconvenient to you, to set her before your eyes to-morrow, human as she is, and without any danger.

Orl. Speakest thou in sober meanings? Ros. By my life, I do; which I tender dearly, though I say I am a magician: Therefore, put you in your best array, bid* your friends; for if you will be married tomorrow, you shall; and to Rosalind, if you will.


hur. O, Dg drar Orlanda how it gerea sa

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Orl. It is a un

En I thought thy heart had been mader

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CL Wounded it is, but with the

E Did your brother tell you for comme
davo, brate showed me your handed

Or. Ap, and greater wonders than the
R. O, I loow where you are,
The u dever say thiag so sodda, bara

to rims and Cour's thrasonical dig Aha, NE, sad Dream For por haber Ter Sover met, but they looked

looked, but they loved; no soonerid to

Nghed; Do soutr sighed, but they need
Der the ren; DO 3000er koer the rest
Thought the remedy: and in these demeyle
y made a pair of stairs to marrige, with

chial contineat, or else be incentired!


Enter Silvius and Phebe.

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marriage: they are in the very

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Look, here comes a lover of mine, and a lover of hers.
Phe. Youth, you have done me much ungeatle-

To show the letter that I writ to you.

Ros, I care not, if I have: it is my study,
To seem despiteful and ungentle to you:
You are there follow'd by a faithful shepherd;
Look upon him, love him; he worships you.

r. They shall be married to-morrow;

they will together; dubs clanot particu se doke to the nuptial, but, 0, hora

11 19 to look into happiness through and pros! By so much the more shall I tomu he height of heart-beariness, by hond

brother happy, in haring what or.

+ Invite.

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(To Rosalind.

[To Phebe.

ok. it is seau nace of piantasy
hi, made of sassion, 207 zil made of visites
Ar 100stion, outy 200 observance,

Antinfyt, at setinnce, and impatience,
All pory, au rise au observance;-
Arixoan for Paete,

Phe. And so an I for Gangmese,
Ork. And so at I for Rosaliad.
Hoe. And so am I for ro woman,
Phe. If this te sa, wbiz blame you me to love you
811. If this be so, why blame you me to love you?
Ort. If this beso, why blame you me to love you!
lios. Who do you speak to, why blame you me

to love you?
Orl. To her, that is not here, nor doth not hear.
llos. I'rny you, no more of this ; 'tis like the
howling of Irish wolves against the moon. I will
help you, [ To silvias.] if I can:- I would love you,
I To Phehej ir 1 could-To morrow meet me all to:
gather.--I will marry you, ( To Phebe.) if ever I
warty womap, and I'll be married 10 morrow :-!
will satisfy you, (Tv Orlando.) if ever I satisfied
man, and you shinil bo married to morrow :-I will
content you ( To Silvius.) if what pleases you colie
tento you, and you shall be married tomorrow.

Ar you ( 7 Orlando.) love Rosaliud, meet; – as 11's sitcius.) lore Phebe, meet; And as I love

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Duke . I like him very well.

Touch. God 'ild you, sir; I desire you of the like. I press in here, sir, amongst the rest of the country copulatives, to swear, and to forswear; according as marriage binds, and blood breaks :- A poor virgin, sir, ay ill-favoured thing, sir, but mice own; a poor humour of mine, sir, to take that that no man else will: Rich honesty dwells like a miser, sir, in a poor house; as your pearl, in your fouloyster.

Duke s. By my failli, lie is very swift and seutentious.

Touch. According to the fool's bolt, sir, and such dulcet diseases.

Jaq. But, for the seventh cause ; how did you find the quarrel on the seventh cause?

Touch. Upop a lie seren times removed ;~ Bear your body more seeming*, Audrey:-as thus, sir. I did dislike the cut of a certain courtier's beard; he sent me word, if I said his beard was not cut well, he was in the mind it was: This is called the retort courteous. If I sent hin word again, it was not well cut, he would send me word, he cut it to please himself: This is called the quip modest. If again, it was not well cut, he disabled my judge. ment: This is called the reply churlish. If again, it was not well cut, he would answer, I spake not true: This is called the reproof valiant. If again, it was not well cut, he would say, I lie: This is called the countercheck quarrelsome: and so to the lie circumstantial, and the lie direct.

Jaq. And how oft did you say, his beard was not well cat?

Touch. I durst go no further than the lie cir. cumstantial, nor he durst not give me the lie direct; and so we measured swords, and parted.

Jaq. Can you nominate in order now the degrees of the lie?

Touch. O sir, we quarrel in print, by the book ;

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shall be married 10-20rok.

1) Orlando.) lore Rosaliud, neel Wij lore Phrbe, meel; dodatler

as you have books for good manners: I will name you the degrees. The first, the retort courteous; the second, the quip modest; the third, the reply churl. ish ; the fourth, the reproof valiant; the fifth, the countercheck quarrelsome; the sixth, the lie with circumstance; the seventh, the lie direct. All these you may avoid, but the lie direct; and you may aroid that too, with an if. I knew when seven justices could not take up a quarrel; but when the parties were met themselves, one of them thought but of an if, as, if you said so, then I said so; and they shook hands, and swore brothers. Your if is the only peace-maker; much virtue in if.

Jag. Is not this a rare fellow, my lord? he's as good at any thing, and yet a fool.

Duke S. He uses his folly like a and under the presentation of that, he shoots his

stalking horse,


Enter Hymen, leading Rosalind in woman's

clothes; and Celia.

Still musick.

Hym. Then is there mirth in heaven,

When earthly things made eden

Atone together.
Good duke, receide thy daughter,
Hymen from heaven brought her,

Yea, brought her hither;
That thou might'st join her hand with his,

Whose heart within her bosom is.
Ros. "To you I give myself, for I am yours.

(To Duke S.

[To Orlando.

To you I give myself, for I am yours.
Duke S. If there be truth in sight, you are my

daughter. Ori. If there be truth in sight, you are my Rosa.



45 YOU LIKE IT. as you are books for good matsers: I will help you the degrees. The brst

, the retort courtees;

NO, the modest, the third, these del

ink, the fourth, the reproof valiant, the file has

Weathe quarrelsome; the súrth, the band GI, the seventh, the liedirat Al the

ng mayroid, fout the lie direct; and you mayata

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Phe. If sight and shape be true,
Why then,-my love adieu!
Ros. I'll have no father, if you be not he:

[To Dukes. I'll have no husband, if you be not he:~

[To Orlando. Nor ne'er wed woman, if you be not she.

[To Phebe, Hym. Peace, ho! I bar confusion :

'Tis I must make conclusion

Of these most strange events:
Here's eight that must take hands,
To join in Hymen's bands,

if truth holds true contents*,
You and you no cross shall part:

[To Orlando and Rosalind. You and you are heart in heart:

[To Oliver and Celia,
You [To Phebe.] to his love must accord,
Or have a woman to your lord:-
You and you are sure together,

[To Touchstone and Audrey.
As the winter to foul weather.
Whiles & wedlock-hymn we sing,
Feed yourselves with questioning;
That reason wonder may diminish,
How thus we met, and these things finisli.

os'y paarsaker; much virtue ia if.

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fred at any thing, and get a fool.

Duit 5 He uses his folly like a stabilidad 14 ander the presetation of that, be share

E lo llymes, leading Rosalind is null

Still musick Pya. Then is there mirth in herect,

Il'hen earthly things made act Good duke receive thy daughter

, Hymen from hearen brought hos

Ya, brought her hither;

That thou might'st jonka handrill

Wedding is great Juno's crown;

O blessed bond of board and bed!
'Tis Hymen peoples every toum ;

High wedlock then be honoured:
Honour, high honour and renown,

To Hymen, god of every town!
Duke S. O my dearniece, welcome thou art to me;
Even daughter, welcome in no less degree.

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I'hose heart within her bosom is. 5. To you I give myself, for I an pour

u I give myself, for I am yours.

* Unless truth fails of veracity.

8. Il there be truth in siglot, pou 111


Ir there be truth in sight, you are off


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