The Works of George Peele: David and Bethsabe. Battle of Alcazar. Device of the pageant borne before Woolstone Dixi. Descensus Astrææ. A farewell to Sir John Norris and Sir Francis Drake, &c., and a Tale of Troy. Polyhymnia. The honour of the Garter. Miscellaneous poems. Peele's Merry conceited jests. Index to the notes

Ön Kapak
W. Pickering, 1829

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Sayfa 214 - And lovers' sonnets turned to holy psalms, A man-at-arms must now serve on his knees, And feed on prayers, which are Age his alms: But though from court to cottage he depart, His Saint is sure of his unspotted heart. And when he saddest sits in homely cell, He'll teach his swains this carol for a song,— "Blest be the hearts that wish my sovereign well, Curst be the souls that think her any wrong.
Sayfa 171 - Th' eternal lamp of Heaven, lends us light; By golden Tagus, or the western Ind, Or through the spacious bay of Portugal, The wealthy ocean-main, the Tyrrhene sea, From great Alcides' pillars branching forth, Even to the gulf that leads to lofty Rome; There to deface the pride of Antichrist, And pull his paper walls and popery down — A famous enterprise for England's strength, To steel your swords on Avarice' triple crown, And cleanse Augeas
Sayfa 52 - Keeping his statutes and his covenants pure ? His thunder is entangled in my hair, And with my beauty is his lightning quench'd : I am the man he made to glory in, When by the errors of my father's sin He lost the path that led into the land Wherewith our chosen ancestors were bless'd.
Sayfa 11 - Now comes my lover tripping like the roe, And brings my longings tangled in her hair. To 'joy her love I '11 build a kingly bower, Seated in hearing of a hundred streams...
Sayfa 109 - Learn by her noble stomach to esteem Penury plenty in extremest dearth ; Who, when she saw her foragement bereft, Pined not in melancholy or childish fear ; But, as brave minds are strongest in extremes, So she, redoubling her former force, Ranged through the woods, and rent the breeding vaults Of proudest savages, to save herself.
Sayfa 60 - Israelite, Friend him with deeds, and touch no hair of him, — Not that fair hair with which the wanton winds Delight to play; and love to make it curl; Wherein the nightingales would build their nests, And make sweet bowers in every golden tress To sing their lover every night asleep; — O, spoil not, Joab, Jove's62 fair ornaments, Which he hath sent to solace David's soul!
Sayfa 172 - You follow them whose swords successful are ; You follow Drake, by sea the scourge of Spain, The dreadful dragon, terror to your foes, Victorious in his return from...
Sayfa 8 - The brims let be embraced with golden curls Of moss that sleeps with sound the waters make For joy to feed the fount with their recourse ; Let all the grass that beautifies her bower Bear manna every morn instead of dew, Or let the dew be sweeter...
Sayfa 30 - The one was mighty, and exceeding rich In oxen, sheep, and cattle of the field ; The other poor, having nor ox, nor calf, Nor other cattle, save one little lamb, Which he had bought, and...
Sayfa 8 - What tunes, what words, what looks, what wonders pierce, My soul, incensed with a sudden fire ? What tree, what shade, what spring, what paradise, Enjoys the beauty of so fair a dame ? Fair Eva, placed in perfect happiness, Lending her praise-notes to the liberal heavens, Struck with the accents of archangels' tunes, Wrought not more pleasure to her husband's thoughts Than this fair woman's words and notes to mine.

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