The Complete Book of Bible Trivia

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Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., 1988 - 494 sayfa
People who love the Bible and trivia will enjoy J. Stephen Lang's The Complete Book of Bible Trivia. With over 4,500 questions divided into 14 topical sections, trivia buffs will be tested on such topics as Crimes and Punishments, Military Matters, Things to Eat and Drink, and Matters of Life and Death. Answers are conveniently placed on the following page.

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LibraryThing Review

Kullanıcı Değerlendirmesi  - kwmcdonald - LibraryThing

If you think you know your Bible, this book will make you re-evaluate your knowledge level. It has questions on all kinds of interesting topics, such as "who said this?" and "what book ends with this verse?" Tam incelemeyi okuyun

Kullanıcı Değerlendirmesi  - Camille Hardrick -

This is a good book also. I will recommend this book to my friends and family.The questions are very good. Tam incelemeyi okuyun


It First 7
So Many Dreamers 17
Names Made in Heaven 23
Notable Women and Some
More Kings Pharaohs
Women on the Throne 43
A Herd of Prophets 53
The Old Testament
Author Author 265
Prophecies of the Messiah 273
Back to Nature
The LionsDen 319
The Lowly Donkey 333
Some Earthquakes 341
Under a Cloud 347

The Inventors 67
Teacher Teacher 75
Military Matters
Religious Matters
A Bevy of Priests 135
Baptisms 143
Speaking of Churches 149
Healthy Confessions 155
Encounters with
Encounters with Angels 167
Supernatural Journeys 173
Miracles of Jesus 179
Working Wonders with
Sorcerers Witches
Getting It in Writing
Scripture Translates Itself 207
What Gets Quoted Most? 219
Books within the Book 229
Chapter 1 Verse 1 243
Beginning at the End 249
From the Mountains 353
Palatial Living 365
Wells Cisterns and Other
The Finer Things
The Domestic Scene
Widow Women 393
Miraculous Pregnancies 399
Speaking of Beds 405
Sweet Sour Bitter Poison 411
Fruit of the Vine 419
Matters of Life
Some Lepers 431
And Things Left
Going to Extremes 469
Foot Coverings 475
Boats and Other Floating
Lamps Candles Etc 487
Not to Be Taken
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