The Moorland Minstrel

Ön Kapak
Muir, Gowans, & Company, 1840 - 214 sayfa

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Sayfa 109 - He drives his flock to pick the scanty blade, Those fenceless fields the sons of wealth divide, And even the bare-worn common is denied. If to the city sped — what waits him there? To see profusion that he must not share ; To see ten thousand baneful arts combined To pamper luxury, and thin mankind; To see those joys the sons of pleasure know Extorted from his fellow-creature's woe.
Sayfa 199 - The destined hour must come When it shall blaze with sun-surpassing splendor, And the dark mists of prejudice and falsehood Fade in its strong effulgence. Flattery's incense No more shall shadow round the gore-dyed throne ; That altar of oppression, fed with rites More savage than the priests of Moloch taught, Shall be consumed amid the fire of Justice ; The rays of truth shall emanate around, And the whole world be lighted.
Sayfa 38 - ... ocean and earth its fire-chariots have flown, And the lip of the mighty is quivering with dread ; Corruption, convuls'd, sees her nostrums turn weak, And nods to Oppression, in speechless despair, As the engines roll on, that shall speedily break The chains they had destin'd the millions to wear.
Sayfa 77 - Twere well, could you permit the world to live As the world pleases : what's the world to you ? Much. I was born of woman, and drew milk As sweet as charity from human breasts. I think, articulate, I laugh and weep, And exercise all functions of a man. How then should I and any man that lives Be strangers to each other ? Pierce my vein, Take of the crimson stream meandering there.
Sayfa 7 - To list the once-Lived waterfall Pour forth its midnight madrigal, Eternally the same. No change has come on thee -the years That fleetly have gone by, And mingled sorrows, sighs, and tears. And blighted hopes and fostered fears, Have failed to drain thee dry.
Sayfa 10 - And yet thou art unchanged ; the flood Hath foamed and fled away, Leaving thy calm and native mood To sing to hill and vale and wood, Thy philosophic lay. Roll on, thou liquid glassy sheet ; Roll on, methinks I see, In thy unbroken waters fleet, A sign, a pledge, an emblem meet, Of immortality. My toil-worn frame, like thine may seem, Fast sinking to decay ; Sly life, my spirit, like thy stream, Lit up at heaven's unfading beam.
Sayfa 63 - tis not My cue for any time to be terrific : For checker'd as is seen our human lot With good, and bad, and worse, alike prolific Of melancholy merriment, to quote Too much of one sort would be soporific ; — Without, or with, offence to friends or foes, I sketch your world exactly as it goes. xc. And one good action in the midst of crimes Is
Sayfa 9 - Druid altars dyed With blood of burning men ; With bow and quiver by his side, He ranged for prey the forest wide, The mountain and the glen. He changed his painted skin and hair, His creed and sacrifice — And, humming through the woods of Blair Thou heard'st Saint Winning's evening prayer To countless deities. Thou seest him still the child of change, Nor less the child of thrall, Abjuring Nature's healthy range For prison-toil and commerce strange, With scarce a God at all. And yet thou art unchanged...
Sayfa 37 - Deep mutter'd, too deep in a mystified tone, Frowns, curses, and threats, were heard issuing forth, And tortures and shackles were forging anon; It smil'd on the fetters — it triumph'd in scorn, It spurn'd the frail arm rear'd only to bind, Its march-hymn afar on the echoes was borne. Proclaiming the hast'ning redemption of mind!
Sayfa 37 - It came — and its step was light as the breath Of the gentlest zephyr that fawns on the ev'n — It came with a stillness as silent as death, But it breathed a benignity soothing as heaven ; It started— it gaz'd as by stealth, far abroad, It mark'd the deep bondage of vassaliz'd man, It shrunk and recoil'd, and it marvell'd if God Had sketch'd sucli a doom in the primitive plan.

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