an account of the manners of the german inhabitants

Ön Kapak

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Sayfa 33 - As an artist he has exhibited as great a proof of mechanical genius as the world has ever produced. He has not indeed made a world; but he has by imitation approached nearer its Maker than any man who has lived from the creation to this day.
Sayfa 64 - They are under no restraint from ecclesiastical government ; they behave, however, submissively enough at present to the civil government, which I wish they may continue to do, for I remember when they modestly declined intermeddling with our elections ; but now they come in droves and carry all before them, except in one or two counties.
Sayfa 64 - In short, unless the stream of their importation could be turned from this to other colonies, as you very judiciously propose, they will soon so outnumber us, that all the advantages we have, will, in my opinion, be not able to preserve our language, and even our government will become precarious.
Sayfa 23 - These contain little else but useful vegetables. Pennsylvania is indebted to the Germans, for the principal part of her knowledge in horticulture.
Sayfa 26 - In this wagon, drawn by four or five horses of a peculiar breed they convey to market, over the roughest roads from 2,000 to 3,000 pounds weight of the produce of their farms. In the months of September and October, it is no uncommon thing, on the Lancaster and Reading roads, to meet in one day fifty or one hundred of these wagons, on their way to Philadelphia, most of which belong to German farmers.
Sayfa 28 - The favourable influence of agriculture, as conducted by the Germans in extending human happiness, is manifested by the joy they express upon the birth of a child. No dread of poverty, nor distrust of Providence from an increasing family, depress the spirits of these industrious and frugal people.
Sayfa 61 - It will be the channel through which the knowledge and discoveries of one of the wisest nations in Europe may be conveyed into our country. In proportion as they are instructed and enlightened in their own language they will become acquainted with the language of the United States.
Sayfa 64 - German. They begin of late to make all their bonds, and other legal instruments in their own language, which (though, I think, it ought not to be) are allowed good in our courts, where the German business so increases, that there is continued need of interpreters : and, I suppose, in a few years, they will also be 'necessary in the Assembly to tell one half of our legislators what the other half say.
Sayfa 55 - If it were possible to determine the amount of all the property brought into Pennsylvania by the present German inhabitants of the state, and their ancestors, and then compare it with the present amount of their property, the contrast would form such a monument of human industry and economy as has seldom been contemplated in any age or country...
Sayfa 11 - I shall begin this Account of the German Inhabitants of Pennsylvania, by describing the Manners of the German Farmers. "The Germans taken, as a body, especially as farmers, are not only Industrious and frugal, but skilful cultivators of the earth. I shall enumerate a few particulars, In which they differ from most of the other farmers of Pennsylvania.

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