The British Plutarch, Or Biographical Entertainer: Being a Select Collection of the Lives ... of the Most Eminent Men ... of Great Britain and Ireland ; from the Reign of Henry VIII. to George II. Both Inclusive ...

Ön Kapak
E. Dilly, 1762

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Sayfa 51 - ... of rocks in the mines, and then melting the slimy solution in a strong fire, which in the cooling proves copper. The like is said to be done in other places, which I cannot now remember ; perhaps, too, it may be done in Italy. For about twenty or thirty years...
Sayfa 98 - em!' replied the bard, 'if the scene is not a good one, let them find that out.
Sayfa 149 - A Canon ! that's a place too mean ; No, Doctor, you shall be a Dean ; Two dozen canons round your stall, And you the tyrant o'er them all: You need but cross the Irish seas, To live in plenty, power, and ease.
Sayfa 90 - I confefs there was a time when I was in love with myfelf, and my firft productions were the children of felf-love upon innocence.
Sayfa 103 - A large number of fugitive political tracts, which had their value when the incidents were actually passing on the great scene of business, came from his pen : the periodical paper, called the
Sayfa 107 - Bestia's from the throne. Born to no pride, inheriting no strife, Nor marrying discord in a noble wife, Stranger to civil and religious rage, The good man walk'd innoxious through his age.
Sayfa 123 - I confess in some places I was forced to read twice. I believe I told you before what the Duke of Dorset said to me on that...
Sayfa 118 - I sent fair messages to acquaint them where I was to be found in town, and to offer to call at their houses to satisfy them, and so it dropped.
Sayfa 104 - Mr. Young proceeded on his journey, till he arrived very quietly and calmly in the enemy's camp, where he was, with difficulty, brought to a recollection of himfalf by the repetition of £>ui va la, from the foldicrs upon duty.

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