The Royal military chronicle; or, The British officer's monthly register, chronicle, and military mentor. Vol. 1-7 [2 issues of vol. 1, one without the engr. title-page dated 1811 and wanting all after p. 72 of the suppl. to vol. 1]; new ser. vol. 1-5

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Sayfa 66 - I hope the people of England will be satisfied!" "I hope my country will do me justice!
Sayfa 67 - Moore has occasioned, recalls to the troops the military career of that illustrious officer for their instruction and imitation. Sir John Moore from his youth embraced the profession with the feelings and sentiments of a soldier. He felt that a perfect knowledge and an exact performance of the humble, but important duties of a subaltern officer, are the best foundations for subsequent military fame; and his ardent mind, while it looked forward to those brilliant achievements for which it was formed,...
Sayfa 495 - No expressions of mine could do justice to the conduct of the troops throughout. Nothing less than the almost unparalleled exertions of every officer, the invincible bravery of every soldier, and the most determined devotion to the honour of his Majesty's arms in all, could have achieved this brilliant success, against such a formidable enemy so posted.
Sayfa 494 - I immediately countermarched in order to support the troops left for its defence ; and the alacrity with which this manoeuvre was executed served as a favorable omen.
Sayfa 61 - The troops, though not unacquainted with the irreparable loss they had sustained, were not dismayed, but, by the most determined bravery, not only repelled every attempt of the enemy to gain ground, but actually forced him to retire, although he bad brought up fresh troops in support of those originally engaged.
Sayfa 313 - Codes in the morning, they retired about 11 with great precipitation, and continued their retreat in the same manner, till they reached the frontier. They were followed by the ordenanza, who did them much mischief on the march, and took much baggage from them. The enemy destroyed many horses and mules which could not keep up with them ; and this march, if it was ordered by superior authority, and is connected with any other arrangement, had every appearance, and was attended by all the consequences,...
Sayfa 68 - ... of France. Thus Sir John Moore, at an early period obtained, with general approbation, that conspicuous station in which he gloriously terminated his useful and honourable life. In a military character, obtained amidst the dangers of climate, the privations incident to service, and the sufferings of repeated wounds, it is difficult to select any one point as a preferable subject for praise ; it exhibits, however, one feature so particularly characteristic of the man, and so important to the best...
Sayfa 329 - D'Abrantes in person, in which the enemy was certainly superior in cavalry and artillery, and in which not more than half of the British army was actually engaged, he has sustained a signal defeat, and has lost thirteen pieces of cannon, twentythree ammunition waggons, with powder, shells, stores of all descriptions, and 20,000 rounds of musket ammunition.
Sayfa 27 - Upon the 21st of March the united force of the French in Egypt attacked the position of the British army. ' An attack, begun an hour before daylight, could derive no advantage over the vigilance of an army ever ready to receive it. The enemy's most vigorous and repeated efforts were directed against the right and centre. Our infantry fought in the plain, greatly inferior in the number of their artillery, and unaided by cavalry. ' They relied upon their discipline and their courage. The desperate...
Sayfa 493 - A great pine-forest skirts the plain, and circles round the height at some distance, terminating down to Santi Petri ; the intermediate space between the north side of the height and the forest being uneven and broken. " A well-conducted and successful attack on the rear of the enemy's lines near Santi Petri by the vanguard of...

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