Duty, a novel, preceded by a character of the author by mrs. Opie, 2. cilt

Ön Kapak

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Sayfa 94 - These are thy glorious works, Parent of good, Almighty, thine this universal frame, Thus wondrous fair; thyself how wondrous then ! Unspeakable, who sitt'st above these heavens, To us invisible, or dimly seen In these thy lowest works; yet these declare Thy goodness beyond thought, and power divine.
Sayfa 96 - DAY set on Norham's castled steep. And Tweed's fair river, broad and deep. And Cheviot's mountains lone : The battled towers, the donjon keep, The loop-hole grates where captives weep. The flanking walls that round it sweep, In yellow lustre shone.
Sayfa 96 - Whose ponderous grate and massy bar Had oft roll'd back the tide of war, But never closed the iron door Against the desolate and poor. The Duchess...
Sayfa 106 - ... hugged along narrow and precipitous paths, crossed bending bridges, scaled elevated acclivities, penetrated caverns, and finally drenched myself utterly in venturing under the falling sheet of waters. I have seen the cataract in broad sunlight, and again by beautiful moonlight: " If thou wouldst view fair Melrose aright, Go visit it by the pale moonlight ; " — and so I would have an observer look upon Niagara. The bow of Heaven seems almost perpetually to rest on its face, spanning its white...
Sayfa 114 - Forgive, blest shade, the tributary tear, Which mourns thy exit from a world like this ; Forgive the wish that would have kept thee here, And stay'd thy progress to the realms of bliss.
Sayfa 124 - I am very much obliged to you for the care you have taken of this grave,
Sayfa 97 - Chichelrer, by public fublcription, to the memory of Collins the poet, who was a native of that city, and died in a houfe adjoining to the cloifters. He is reprefented as juft recovered from a wild fit of...

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