An analytical catalogue of mr. Chapman's publications

Ön Kapak
J. Chapman, 1852 - 98 sayfa

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Sayfa 40 - We state Fichte's character, as it is known and admitted by men of all parties among the Germans, when we say that so robust an intellect, a soul so calm, so lofty, massive, and immovable, has not mingled in philosophical discussion since the time of Luther.
Sayfa 22 - A HISTORY OF THE HEBREW MONARCHY from the Administration of Samuel to the Babylonish Captivity. By FW Newman.
Sayfa 16 - The Rationale of Religious Inquiry; Or, the Question stated, of Reason, the Bible, and the Church. By James Martineau. Third Edition. With a Critical Letter on Rationalism, Miracles, and the Authority of Scripture, by the late Rev. Joseph Blanco White. 4s. paper cover; 4s. 6d. cloth.
Sayfa 65 - has freedom to do all that he wills, provided he infringes not the equal freedom of any other...
Sayfa 84 - The Cotton and Commerce of India. Considered in Relation to the Interests of Great Britain; with Remarks on Railway Communication in the Bombay Presidency. By JOHN CHAPMAN, Founder and late Manager of the Great Indian Peninsular Railway Company.
Sayfa 41 - To the mass of men no such Divine Idea is recognizable in the world; they live merely, says Fichte, among the superficialities, practicalities and shows of the world, not dreaming that there is anything divine under them. But the Man of Letters is sent hither specially that he may discern for himself, and make manifest to us, this same Divine Idea : in every new generation it will manifest itself in a new dialect ; and he is there for the purpose of doing that.
Sayfa 40 - The cold, colossal, adamantine spirit, standing erect and clear, like a Cato Major among degenerate men; fit to have been the teacher of the Stoa, and to have discoursed of Beauty and Virtue in the groves of Academe!
Sayfa 75 - The Life of Jean Paul Fr. Richter. Compiled from various sources. Together with his Autobiography. Translated from the German. 2 vols.
Sayfa 63 - All imperfection is unfitness to the conditions of existence. This unfitness must consist either in having a faculty or faculties in excess ; or in having a faculty or faculties deficient ; or in both. A faculty in excess is one which the conditions of existence do not afford full exercise to ; and a faculty that is deficient is one from which the conditions of existence demand more than it can perform.
Sayfa 12 - Englishman, to whom most of the means at our command were wanting, has been able to educe entirely from himself. . . . An Englishman, a merchant, a man of the world, he possesses, both by nature and by training, the practical insight, the sure tact, which lays hold on realities. The solution of problems over which the German flutters with many circuits of learned formulae, our English author often succeeds in seizing at one spring. ... To the learned he often presents things under a surprisingly...

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