The African Repository, 30. cilt

Ön Kapak
American Colonization Society., 1854

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Sayfa 81 - There shall be neither slavery nor involuntary servitude in the said territory otherwise than in the punishment of crimes, whereof the party shall have been duly convicted; Provided, always, That any person escaping into the same, from whom labor or service is lawfully claimed in any one of the original States, such fugitive may be lawfully reclaimed and conveyed to the person claiming his or her labor or service as aforesaid.
Sayfa 104 - Wisdom and knowledge, as well as virtue, diffused generally among the body of the people, being necessary for the preservation of their rights and liberties; and as these depend on spreading the opportunities and advantages of education in the various parts of the country, and among the different orders of the people, it shall be the duty of legislatures and magistrates, in all future periods of this commonwealth, to cherish the interests of literature and the sciences, and all seminaries of them...
Sayfa 249 - WHEN Israel went out of Egypt, The house of Jacob from a people of strange language ; Judah was his sanctuary, And Israel his dominion.
Sayfa 233 - O that my head were waters, and my eyes a fountain of tears, that I might weep day and night for the slain of the daughter of my people!
Sayfa 174 - Thy arts of building from the bee receive; Learn of the mole to plough, the worm to weave; Learn of the little nautilus to sail, Spread the dlin oar, and catch the driving gale.
Sayfa 239 - ... the said squadrons to be independent of each other ; but the two Governments stipulating, nevertheless, to give such orders to the officers commanding their respective forces as shall enable them most effectually to act in concert and co-operation, upon mutual consultation, as exigencies may arise, for the attainment of the true object of this article ; copies of all such orders to be communicated by each Government to the other, respectively.
Sayfa 343 - ... beauty of the sex, who, in many respects, resembled the Moor rather than the negro. Unaware of a stranger's presence, they came forth as usual in a simple dress which covers their body from waist to knee, and leaves the rest of the figure entirely naked. Group after group gathered together on the brink of the brook in the slanting sunlight and lengthening shadows of the plain. Some rested on their pitchers and water vessels; some chatted, or leaned on each other gracefully, listening to the chat...
Sayfa 68 - In pestilential barks they cross'd the flood ; Then were the wretched ones asunder torn, To distant isles, to separate bondage borne, Denied, though sought with tears, the sad relief That misery loves, — the fellowship of grief.
Sayfa 341 - I ordered a general inspection of the slaves, yet when a favorable report was made, I did not rest content, and descended to examine each one personally. It was true ; the child was alone infected ! For half an hour, I trod the deck to and fro restlessly, and caused the crew to subject themselves to inspection. But my sailors were as healthy as the slaves. There was no symptom that indicated approaching danger. I was disappointed again. A single case — a single sign of peril in any quarter, would...
Sayfa 342 - ... we cantered off to the distant villages. As we approached the first brook, but before the fringe of screening bushes was passed, our cavalcade drew rein abruptly, while Ahmah-de-Bellah cried out: " Strangers are coming ! " A few moments after, as we slowly crossed the stream, I noticed several women crouched in the underwood, having fled from the bath. This warning is universally given, and enforced by law, to guard the modesty of the gentler sex. In half an hour we reached the first suburban...

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