Travels in the Interior Districts of Africa: Last journey, and life

Ön Kapak
J. Murray, 1816

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Sayfa cxv - With the assistance of one of the soldiers I have changed a large canoe into a tolerably good schooner, on board of which I this day hoisted the British flag, and shall set sail to the east with the fixed resolution to discover the termination of the Niger or perish in the attempt.
Sayfa cxlix - ... a most unspeakable oppression to poor tenants (who if they give not bread, or some kind of provision to perhaps forty such villains in one day, are sure to be insulted by them) but they rob many poor people who live in houses distant from any neighbourhood. In years of plenty...
Sayfa 180 - In fact, this journey plainly demonstrates, — 1st, That with common prudence any quantity of merchandise may be transported from the Gambia to the Niger without danger of being robbed by the natives ; 2dly, That if this journey be performed in the dry season, one may calculate on losing not more than three, or at most, four men out of fifty.
Sayfa cx - I shall only observe, that no event which took place during the journey, ever threw the smallest gloom over my mind, till I laid Mr. Anderson in the grave. I then felt myself, as if left a second time lonely and friendless amidst the wilds of Africa.
Sayfa xlvi - ... seem to have produced in him feelings of disgust and impatience, which he had perhaps rarely experienced in the deserts of Africa. His strong sense of the irksomeness of this way of life broke out from him upon many occasions ; especially, when previously to his undertaking his second African mission, one of his nearest relations expostulated with him on the imprudence of again exposing himself to dangers which he had so very narrowly escaped, and perhaps even to new and still greater ones; he...
Sayfa cxcviii - I regretted much leaving this man; he had naturally a cheerful disposition; and he used often to beguile the watches of the night with the songs of our dear native land.
Sayfa cxvii - ... Anderson and George Scott, have both bid adieu to the things of this world; and the greater part of the soldiers have died on the march during the rainy season; but you may believe me, I am in good health. The rains are completely over, and the healthy season has commenced, so that there is no danger of sickness; and I have still a sufficient force to protect me from any insult in sailing down the river, to the sea. "We have already embarked all our things, and shall sail the moment I have finished...
Sayfa lxix - I saw with infinite pleasure the great object of my mission — the long sought for majestic Niger, glittering to the morning sun, as broad as the Thames at Westminster, and flowing slowly to the eastward.
Sayfa 285 - This army went and took possession of the top of this opening. Mr. Park came there after the army had posted itself; he nevertheless attempted to pass. The people began to attack him, throwing lances, pikes, arrows and stones. Mr. Park defended himself for a long time...
Sayfa 285 - Park defended himself for a long time; two of the slaves at the stern of the canoe were killed ; they threw every thing they had in the canoe into the river, and kept firing, but being overpowered by numbers and fatigue, and unable to keep up the canoe against the current, and no probability of escaping, Mr. Park took hold of one of the white men and jumped into the water; Martyn did the same, and they were drowned in the stream in attempting to escape.