The works of Alexander Pope. With his last corrections, additions, and improvements; together with all his notes: pr. verbatim from the octavo ed. of mr. Warburton, 10. cilt

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Sayfa 99 - As to the return of his health and vigour, were you here, you might enquire of his Haymakers ; but as to his temperance, I can answer that (for one •whole day; we have had nothing for dinner but mutton-broth, beans and bacon, and a barn-door fowl.
Sayfa 50 - Our friend Gay is used as the friends of Tories are by Whigs (and generally by Tories too). Because he had humour, he was supposed to have dealt with Dr. Swift; in like manner as when any one had learning formerly, he was thought to have dealt with the Devil.
Sayfa 38 - ... me in the affairs of it, and this principle extends my cares but a little way. Perfect...
Sayfa 114 - I will further tell you, that all my endeavours, from a boy, to distinguish myself, were only for want of a great title and fortune, that I might be used like a Lord by those who have an opinion of my parts — whether right or wrong, it is no great matter, and so the reputation of wit or great learning does the office of a blue ribbon, or of a coach and six horses.
Sayfa 8 - You are to understand that I live in the corner of a vast unfurnished house : my family consists of a steward, a groom, a helper in the stable, a footman, and an old maid, who are all at board-wages, and when I do not dine abroad, or make an entertainment, (which last is very rare,) I eat a mutton pie, and drink half a pint of wine : my amusements are defending my small dominions against the archbishop, and endeavouring to reduce my rebellious choir.
Sayfa 145 - I thought of; and you will be surprised to find that I have been partly drawn by him, and partly by myself, to write a pretty large volume upon a very grave and very important...
Sayfa 66 - Perhaps I may all this time be talking to you of a Book you have never seen, and which hath not yet reached Ireland ; if it hath not, I believe what we have said will be sufficient to recommend it to your reading, and that you will order me to send it to you.
Sayfa 30 - I have been considering why poets have such ill success in making their court, since they are allowed to be the greatest and best of all flatterers. The defect is, that they flatter only in print or in writing, but not by word of mouth : they will give things under their hand which they make a conscience of speaking. Besides, they are too libertine to haunt anti-chambers, too poor to bribe porters and footmen, and too proud to cringe to second-hand favourites in a great family.
Sayfa 66 - Gulliver's writing at all below himself, it is agreed that part was not writ by the same hand, though this hath its defenders too. It hath passed Lords and Commons, nemine contradicente ; and the whole town, men, women, and children, are quite full of it.
Sayfa 46 - ... manner,) the whole building of my travels is erected ; and I never will have peace of mind till all honest men are of my opinion : by consequence you are to embrace it immediately, and procure that all who deserve my esteem may do so too. The matter is so clear that it will admit of no dispute ; nay, I will hold a hundred pounds that you and I agree in the point.

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