Res: Anthropology and Aesthetics, 53/54: Spring and Autumn 2008

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Harvard University Press, 15 Ara 2008 - 349 sayfa

This double volume includes: The value of forgery, Jonathan Hay; Affective operations of art and literature, Ernst van Alphen; Betty’s Turn, Stephen Melville; Richard Serra in Germany, Magdalena Nieslony; Beheadings and massacres, Federico Navarrete; Pliny the Elder and the identity of Roman art, Francesco de Angelis; Between nature and artifice, Francesca Dell’Acqua; Narrative cartographies, Gerald Guest; The artist and the icon, Alexander Nagel; Preliminary thoughts on Piranesi and Vico, Erika Naginski; Portable ruins, Alina Payne; Istanbul: The palimpsest city in search of its archi-text, Nebahat Avcioglu; The iconicity of Islamic calligraphy in Turkey, Irvin Cemil Schick; The Buddha’s house, Kazi Khalid Ashraf; A flash of recognition into how not to be governed, Natasha Eaton; Hasegawa’s fairy tales, Christine Guth; The paradox of the ethnographic-superaltern, Anna Brzyski, and contributions to “Lectures, Documents and Discussions” by Karen Kurczyncki, Mary Dumett, Emmanuel Alloa, Francesco Pellizzi, and Boris Groys.


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Jonathan Hay The value of forgery
Ernst van Alphen Affective operations of art and literature
Stephen Melville Bettys turn
Perspectivity in perspective
Andean and Mesoamerican representations of the Spanish conquest
Francesco De Angelis Pliny the Elder and the identity of Roman art
Transparent streams of new liquid
Robert Suckale An unrecognized statuette of the Virgin Mary by a Vienna court artist ca 1350
Erika Naginski Preliminary thoughts on Piranesi and Vico
The Pergamon Altar Heinrich Wölfflin and German art history at thefin de siècle
The palimpsest city in search of its architext
Irvin Cemil Schick The iconicity of Islamic calligraphy in Turkey
Kazi K Ashraf The Buddhas house
Physiognomy divination and ethnographic art in India 17801840
Toying with Japan
Ethnonationalism and tourism in the Polish Tatra Mountains at the turn of the nineteenth century

Mapping the sacred in Gothic stained glass
Alexander Nagel Authorship and imagemaking in the monument to Giotto in Florence Cathedral

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Yazar hakkında (2008)

Francesco Pellizzi is Associate of Middle American Ethnology at the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology at Harvard University.

Jonathan Hay is Ailsa Mellon Bruce Professor of Fine Arts at New York University

Ernst Van Alphen is Professor of Comparitive Literature, University of Leiden (Netherlands).

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