A Treatise on the Defence of Portugal: With a Military Map of the Country ...

Ön Kapak
T. Egerton, 1811 - 304 sayfa

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Sayfa 204 - Vimeiro stands in a valley, through which runs the river Maceira; at the back, and to the westward and northward of this village, is a mountain, the western point of which touches the sea, and the eastern is separated by a deep ravine from the heights, over which passes the road which leads from Lourinha, and the northward to Vimeiro.
Sayfa 259 - At six in the morning of the 27th, the enemy made two desperate attacks upon our position, the one on the right, the other on the left of the highest point of the Sierra.
Sayfa 207 - The 2d battalion, 43d regiment, was likewise closely engaged with them in the road which leads into Vimiera ; a part of that corps having been ordered into the church-yard to prevent them from penetrating into the town. On the right of the position they were repulsed by the bayonets of the 97th regiment, which corps was successfully supported by the 2d battalion 52d regiment, which, by an advance in column, took the enemy in flank.
Sayfa 262 - Sardao, with the intention that he should occupy these mountains, but unfortunately he was sent round by Oporto, by the general officer commanding in the north, in consequence of a small detachment of the enemy being in possession of St.
Sayfa 261 - Macbean, made a gallant and successful charge upon a body of another division of the enemy, which was endeavouring to penetrate in that quarter. In this attack...
Sayfa 209 - Ferguson's brigade, six pieces of cannon were taken from the enemy, with many prisoners, and vast numbers were killed and wounded. The enemy afterwards made an attempt to recover...
Sayfa 260 - Champelmond, directed by Colonel MacKinnon ; Major-General Leith also moved to his left, to the support of Major-General Picton, and aided in the defeat of the enemy on this post by the 3d battalion Royals, the 1st battalion, and the 2d battalion 38th regiment.
Sayfa 208 - Taylor was unfortunately killed. Nearly at the same time the enemy's attack commenced upon the heights on the road to Lourinha — This attack was supported by a large body of cavalry, and was made with the usual impetuosity of the French troops.
Sayfa 204 - On the eastern and southern side of the town is a hill which is entirely commanded, particularly on its right, by the mountain to the westward of the town, and commanding all the ground in the neighbourhood to the southward and .eastward, on which...
Sayfa 203 - I have above stated, with a view to cover the retreat of his defeated army ; in all of which he was, however, repulsed ; but he succeeded in effecting his retreat in good order, owing, principally, to my want of cavalry, and, secondly, to the difficulty of bringing up the passes of the mountains with celerity, a sufficient number of troops, and of cannon to support those which had first ascended. The loss of the enemy, has, however, been very great, and he left three pieces of cannon in our hands....

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