Helen,: A Tale, 2. cilt

Ön Kapak
Richard Bentley, New Burlington Street., 1834 - 444 sayfa

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Sayfa 215 - If it was the fashion to burn me, and I at the stake, I hardly know ten persons of my acquaintance who would refuse to throw on a fagot.
Sayfa 226 - IF good people," said Archbishop Usher, " would but make goodness agreeable, and smile, instead of frowning in their virtue, how many would they win to the good cause.
Sayfa 227 - Has every repartee in store She spoke ten thousand times before ; Can ready compliments supply On all occasions, cut and dry ; Such hatred to a parson's gown, The sight will put her in a swoon $ For conversation well endued, She calls it witty to be rude ; And, placing raillery in railing, Will tell aloud your greatest failing...
Sayfa 125 - What though no friends in sable weeds appear, Grieve for an hour, perhaps, then mourn a year, And bear about the mockery of woe To midnight dances, and the public show?
Sayfa 226 - You will know him by his well-bred air and tone, which none can counterfeit; and by his smile; for while most he makes others laugh, the arch little rogue seldom goes beyond a smile himself! Graceful in the midst of all his pranks, he never goes too far — though far enough he has been known to go — he has crept into the armour of the great hero, convulsed the senate in the wig of a chancellor, and becomingly, decorously, put on now and then the mitre of an archbishop. "If good people...

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